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the shell around the kernel of a nut

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Here is the reading, as your English phrase goes, in a nutshell.
The bracelets, necklace, and earrings were all what is called Berlin iron-work; but these delicate arabesques were made in Vienna, and seemed to have been fashioned by the fairies who, the stories tell us, are condemned by a jealous Carabosse to collect the eyes of ants, or weave a fabric so diaphanous that a nutshell can contain it.
Then he goes on board the same nutshell of a skiff that he sailed in from Egypt, passes under the noses of the English vessels, and sets foot in France.
Straight down there," answered the little old woman, pointing to a tiny shadow, no bigger than a nutshell, floating on the sea.
My dear Bunny, they're capital, not only qua verses but for crystallizing your subject and putting it in a nutshell.
Our training has been unnatural, that's the whole thing in a nutshell.
It all lies in a nutshell my dear; in a nutshell, take the Dodger's word for it.
An obliging stranger, under pretence of compactly folding up my bank-notes for security's sake, abstracts the notes and gives me nutshells; but what is his sleight of hand to mine, when I fold up my own nutshells and pass them on myself as notes!
A hundred dollars sounds frightfully en prince for us poor simple people, who live in nutshells of houses, five and twenty feet front, and fifty-six deep, to pay for a pocket-handkerchief.
en prince = princely; nutshells of houses = Cooper was frequently critical of New York City's cramped townhouses}
de Bellegarde a taste for certain oddities of diet; an appetite, for instance, for fishbones or nutshells.
Jellyby's bonnets, books with butter sticking to the binding, guttered candle ends put out by being turned upside down in broken candlesticks, nutshells, heads and tails of shrimps, dinner-mats, gloves, coffee- grounds, umbrellas--that he looked frightened, and left off again.
The flotilla, sent to Toulon by the exertions of Raoul, had set out, dragging after it in little nutshells, almost invisible, the wives and friends of the fishermen and smugglers put in requisition for the service of the fleet.
Oh, yes, pitch about like nutshells when the sea is a bit rough," answered her sailor uncle, never guessing her secret woe.
Look at yourself in the glass; you look like the idiot we throw out nutshells to at school.