nuts and bolts

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The line from which the nuts and bolts were stolen was brand new.
This unusual book describes in a perfectly easy and accessible way how screws, nuts and bolts are used to make all sorts of objects, concentrating on those which children know best: toys.
This will make it easier to see if nuts and bolts are working loose.
Early in the machine age, the necessary nuts and bolts were all handmade, with scarcely any two of the resulting fasteners being precisely the same shape, size or thread.
The best place to go to find these and tens of thousands of other screws, nuts, bolts and other fasteners is Eugene Fastener, which keeps 40,000 different items in stock, nearly all of them screws, nuts and bolts.
But by fitting locking wheel nuts and bolts not even the most resourceful thief will be able to get his hands on your prize alloy rims.
The design of this tool translated the power of linear hydraulics into an arcing motion to generate the torque necessary to turn nuts and bolts.
When all the nuts and bolts remaining in a set have been used, any remaining construction components are useless, and vice versa.
One often-overlooked industry whose fortunes have been severely impacted by the American public's addiction to upscale merchandise are the makers of grommets - those little washers that fit between nuts and bolts.
But if you do a lot of repairs, you'll need a complete set of standard and metric sockets to snugly fit all the nuts and bolts you encounter.
Vibrations and temperature fluctuations eventually loosen even the most secure nuts and bolts.
Contract award: bolts nuts and bolts horizontal vertical nut.
Vibration loosens nuts and bolts that hold the brake actuator air chamber clamp together.