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Synonyms for nutritive

providing nourishment

of or relating to food or nutrition

Synonyms for nutritive

of or providing nourishment

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Tissue reorganizing events, such as: (a) parenchyma homogenization; (b) occurrence of hyperplasia; (c) occurrence of cell hypertrophy or hypotrophy; (d) increment in the density of trichomes/emergences; (e) redifferentiation of a nutritive tissue and/or a storage tissue; (f) redifferentiation of a mechanical layer; (g) hypertrophy of vascular bundles; and (h) neoformation (or redifferentiation) of specialized structures are discussed in the following sections.
It is concluded that the nutritive value of Napier cultivars were generally decreased due to preservation mechanism.
The solution to the problem lies in substituting the cereals and millets with tubers which have same or even higher nutritive value than the cereals and millets.
Through this initiative, the foundation aims to detect anemia at its early stage, prevent malnutrition in women and children and also provide malnourished individuals with nutritive supplements and regular follow-ups.
The AAFCO Official Publication contains nutrient profiles for cats and dogs that list the ingredients considered to be essential nutritive ingredients.
Nutritive sucking (SN) shall only occur when the newborn is able to receive volume, observing sucking blocks, time and number of sucking associated to force and rhythm in addition to coordination of the SDR [14] functions.
She mentions that "the nutrients that give beets their fine color are soluble in water, which means their nutrients may vanish in boiling water." I learned from a friend, who does research on beet pigments, that if you consume this water fairly soon after you steam or boil your beets, when the beet broth is still red (not brown), you should still get some of the beet broth's nutritive benefits.
It is the world's most nutritive and widespread stable.
(24) Animals perceive objects as pleasant or painful, which is the same as perceiving them as objects of pursuit or avoidance; (25) taste perceives "what is tangible and nutritive"; (26) the animal hears "in order that something may be indicated to it"; (27) lions perceive a cow's braying as a sign that the cow (and its meat) are near; (28) and the hound enjoys the smell of the hare because "the smell produces the perception [of the meat]"; (29) dogs perceive a knock on the door as a threat, and a person as either friend or foe.
Pour cet apiculteur, le but de cette manifestation, ouverte jusqu'au 21 du mois en cours, est de sensibiliser l'Algerien a consommer le produit local, car, selon lui, le miel importe n'a aucune valeur nutritive. Comme il conseille aux citoyens d'eviter d'acheter le miel cede par des vendeurs ambulants.
Agricultural meteorologists forecast losses in greenhouse production as well, largely as a result of the soil deterioration, the loss of nutritive substances and the new erosive material swelling rivers have brought.
Using the Oligoscan we can detect In only a few minutes the patient's heavy metal load In addition to the bio-availability of their nutritive minerals.
She highlighted the main nutrition-related challenges in Bahrain and health problems faced mainly by students like overweight and deficiency in nutritive elements such as iron and vitamin D.
She highlighted the main nutrition-related challenges in Bahrain and health problems faced mainly by students like obesity and deficiency in nutritive elements such as iron and vitamin D.
The predicted increase of drought incidents even in temperate climates might affect not only yield but the nutritive value of grassland herbage as well.