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Synonyms for nutritional

of or relating to food or nutrition

Synonyms for nutritional

of or relating to or providing nutrition


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Nutritional yeast is an inactive form of yeast, so people who cannot digest active yeast should be able to handle it.
4 - Nutritional Products - supplements for nutritional treatment - foodstuffs,
Products from DSM's Nutritional Lipids portfolio can already be found in more than 400 brands of infant formula, nutritional supplements, functional foods and animal feeds sold worldwide.
It is their job to hit the "sweet spot" between providing appealing food and meeting the nutritional needs of residents who often have complex regimens springing from a wide variety of medical conditions.
In addition to following a sound diet, nutritional supplements--vitamins and minerals, sometimes called "micronutrients"--are necessary because the food Americans consume "is being grown in increasingly nutritionally depleted soil," contend the Millers.
Hengzi Technology director, Lim Linbert, sees the revisys range satisfying a growing need in the Singapore market for premium nutritional supplements.
A study conducted in Mansfield, Pennsylvania, (5) showed that patients are very interested in nutrition: 78% of dentists reported being asked about nutrition and 64% thought it was important that patients have access to nutritional counseling through their dentists.
And the net result of the "experiment" in at least one of the schools (Port Alberni), was increased nutritional care for the children.
Healthy eating habits, proper nutrition selection and preparation, were taught by the remedial education teacher, a certified Special Education teacher who had no prior formal nutritional training.
Once you have recognized weight loss or have concluded that the resident is at risk for malnutrition, you must put a corrective action plan in place that treats and manages weight loss or risk for malnutrition with appropriate nutritional and medical support or treatment.
You may also contact Legere Nutritional Foods, LLP, at P.
Through its US subsidiary ACT (USA), Australian Cancer Technology ("AustCancer" ASX:ACU) has announced that its full range of revisys specialty nutritional supplements are available at the new Center for integrative Health, founded by Dr.
Brown explains that, "In this study dental caries [tooth decay] and gingivitis are both important factors in assessing nutritional status.
He will soon publish "The Healing Fields" and "10 Steps to Nutritional Living.
4) nutritional rehabilitation services (500 milliliter)
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