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Synonyms for nutrient

providing nourishment

Synonyms for nutrient

any substance (such as a chemical element or inorganic compound) that can be taken in by a green plant and used in organic synthesis

Related Words

of or providing nourishment

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KIND, with the support from top global nutrition and public health experts, is respectfully urging the FDA to update its current regulations surrounding the use of the word healthy as a nutrient content claim.
Sugar, macro and micro nutrient contents are also traits exposing taste and nutritional value.
Nutrient content of cucumber fruit: Table 5 indicates the nutrient content of cucumber fruit for the various treatment combinations of the CPH and the PM.
Organic produce and meat typically isn't any better for you than conventional food when it comes to vitamin and nutrient content, according to a US study.
Moreover, marketers and media of all stripes continue to educate consumers about the anti-aging and immunity-boosting qualities of antioxidants--making them a household word and helping to counteract barriers raised by the complexity of the antioxidant health message, the lack of content standards, and somewhat stringent FDA guidance on nutrient content claims for antioxidant foods and beverages.
Nutrient content claims are optional statements that communicate the amount of a given nutrient in a food (i.
Nutrient content per serving of food, divided by retail price per serving adjusted for preparation and waste, yields the Affordable Nutrition Index.
Some fruit has a high nutrient content, and others contain very little.
Although there is ongoing research and development in this area, four basic principles for site-specific manure management have emerged: measure the nutrient content, determine the application rates needed, control the rate applied, and produce a record of where the applications occur.
Increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are also reducing the nutrient content of eucalyptus leaves, the animals' only food source.
The tests, to help analyse the nutrient content, will be awarded on a first come first served basis to those bringing manure or slurry samples.
Covering slurry stores to increase slurry storage and improve nutrient content ?
The product manufactured with this technology will be a sulfur-enhanced monoammonium phosphate (MAPS) with a nutrient content of 11% nitrogen,40% phosphorus, 0% potassium and 12% sulfur.