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Synonyms for nutrient

providing nourishment

Synonyms for nutrient

any substance (such as a chemical element or inorganic compound) that can be taken in by a green plant and used in organic synthesis

Related Words

of or providing nourishment

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Defining "Healthy" Currently, the FDA mandates that the term healthy only be used as a nutrient content claim to describe foods that contain 3g or less total fat and 1g or less of saturated fat per serving, with the exception of fish and meat, which are required by the regulation to have 5g or less total fat and 2g or less saturated fat per serving.
05) Table 5: Nutrient content of harvested cucumber Treatment/ha N (%) P(%) K(%) Ca (%) Mg (%) 12t CPH 2.
According to consumer research, nutrient content claims and health claims are the least-favoured form of information on food labels.
attwateri, and nutrient content of each plant consumed to construct a nutrient budget (Rezsutek, 1997; Table 2).
The other part of the nutrition monitoring program is defining the nutrient content of foods.
The bacteria - Chryseobacterium and Paenisporosarcina - showed signs of respiration in laboratory-made ice designed to closely simulate the temperatures and nutrient content found at the bottom of Arctic and Antarctic glaciers.
Although there is ongoing research and development in this area, four basic principles for site-specific manure management have emerged: measure the nutrient content, determine the application rates needed, control the rate applied, and produce a record of where the applications occur.
Combined with innovative processing technologies to maximize nutrient content, Cyanotech has created a superior strain of Spirulina that's proven to deliver more nutrients than any other Spirulina brand on the market.
The final broad theme is nutritional and health aspects, including factor influencing the nutrient content, health consequences of drinking alcohol, additives and residues, and micronutrient content, among other topics.
The tests, to help analyse the nutrient content, will be awarded on a first come first served basis to those bringing manure or slurry samples.
Covering slurry stores to increase slurry storage and improve nutrient content ?
Belgian researchers wanted to see what impact different contamination treatments would have on the microbial and sensory quality, and the nutrient content, of fresh-cut white cabbage.
This multi-phase project comparing the nutrient content of select frozen fruits and vegetables to their raw counterparts will help reinforce the scientific basis for the health claims relating to the benefits of frozen produce.
The methods were then simulated in the laboratory and the nutrient content of three (fresh and dried) Amaranthus varieties was determined in order to assess the effect of the drying techniques on nutrient content of the dried product.