nutrient artery

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an artery that supplies the medullary cavity of the long bone

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The site of entry and the angle with which the nutrient artery enters the bone are almost constant and characteristically directed away from the dominant growing epiphysis.
The factors determining the direction of the canal for the nutrient artery in the long bones of mammals and birds.
The nutrient artery of the femur in general proceeds of the second perforating artery and when two nutrient arteries exist, they tend to detach from the first and third perforating arteries (Goss, 1976).
The experimental basis for minimally evasive surgery is based on the work of Rhinelander, who showed that two-thirds of the blood supply to the bone is via the nutrient artery and one-third comes from the inflow of the periosteum.
So the number and location of nutrient artery has to be considered in the cases of graft surgeries.