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Synonyms for nutrient

providing nourishment

Synonyms for nutrient

any substance (such as a chemical element or inorganic compound) that can be taken in by a green plant and used in organic synthesis

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of or providing nourishment

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Frozen Food Foundation selects University of Georgia to complete nutrient analysis comparing fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables
Nutrient analysis from Garden 06-5 and the adjacent non-garden area exhibited a similar pattern to Garden 06-4.
The objectives of the current study were to 1) describe vitamin D intake from food and supplements among women in Ontario, and 2) compare vitamin D intakes using a US nutrient analysis versus a modified analysis that reflects additional vitamin D sources (fatty fish) and Canadian food fortification.
Therefore a nutrient analysis is required every 2 weeks intervals for major nutrients.
One of the three samples was sent by 2-day mail to the Texas A&M GAN Lab for NIRS analysis, and the second sample was further dried and ground for nutrient analysis and sent to the Dairy One Forage Laboratory (Ithaca, N.
Scientists at Liverpool university are using a new pounds 75,000 nutrient analysis machine to record levels out in the bay, five miles from the mouth of the River Mersey.
Part I contains five chapters relating to food, covering food constituents, safety, labeling, computerized nutrient analysis systems, and nutrient data analysis techniques and strategies.
Not only can users avoid the expense, hassle and delays of giving nutrient analysis and panel label creation to an outside source, they can also use LabelCalc's helpful and simple tools, such as the Claims Calculator.
This change in use requires caution when using computerised nutrient analysis software.
The nutrient analysis of grass is generally higher in protein and lower in energy than what would support optimal growth.
Analytical labs may provide a nutrient analysis or requirement on an elemental basis, in which case you have to convert to the oxide forms of P ([P.
Each player chose a pre-match and a post-match favourite recipe, and the 38 easy-to-follow recipes also have a nutrient analysis per serving.
For soil nutrient analysis, the samples were immediately air-dried and passed through a 1.
But when nutrient analysis is targeted on the third youngest unfurled leaf, sulfur shoots up to rank equal third with phosphorus.