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East Indian tree widely cultivated in the tropics for its aromatic seed

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But on the fourth day, two days before we were supposed to be back in New York City, an armed officer from the Grenadan Tourism Authority's Office sped onto the neat front lawn of Johns' nutmeg tree estate with a strained request for "the Americans here.
A walk around the twenty acres of not only nutmeg trees, but cotton and almond trees.
The Nutmeg Tree in Agroforestry Systems of Small-Scale Farmers in the Banda Islands, Indonesia.
Successions of government and semi-private companies have since then managed the nutmeg trees as a state resource.
The Portuguese, Dutch, and British ha ve all taken their turn at the helm of Sri Lanka, a small island off the coast of India and Moluccas, a cluster of tiny islands in Southeast Asia where cinnamon and nutmeg trees blossom.
Eighteen Grenada nutmeg farmers are participating in prevention of land degradation by planting new nutmeg trees in vulnerable areas, reports Caribbean News (Oct.
The topographic condition is particularly suitable for growing nutmeg trees and, as such, it is has been a historical and cultural commodity that has long generated an income for communities in the region.
It is a hard life, made even harder by Mother Nature - just a few years ago Hurricane Ivan devastated Grenada's nutmeg trees, and it could be years before the crop recovers.
Ninety per cent of its homes were left in ruins, almost all its nutmeg trees were uprooted and the prime minister's dustbin lid blew off.
Even the emblematic nutmeg trees are well on the way to recovery.
Aside from damaging the natural forest, the hurricane also destroyed 90 per cent of the island's nutmeg trees.
Nutmeg trees don't begin to produce fruit until they are 12-15 years old and, even then, only the female ones will do so.
Ninety per cent of the nutmeg trees were destroyed in the hurricane and with them a major source of income.
I realised I would rather write about man-made threats to nature than study the sex life of nutmeg trees," says the Swede.