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Synonyms for nutlike

having the flavor of nuts


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resembling a nut in shape and size

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Basmati is a Hindi word which means naturally fragrant, and it refers to the nutlike flavor and aroma of the rice, which has been used in India for thousands of years.
Prized for their nutlike, somewhat peppery taste, kalonji seeds have an oniony aroma, adding to the Balti experience.
We're talking about real buckeyes, the nutlike seeds that grow on the trees of the same name.
nut*like \-,l[macron over i]k\ adjective <a nutlike flavor>
They have been isolated from a wide variety of foods and have been observed to be associated with aromas described as fruity, coconut like, buttery, sweet or nutlike [8].
As the flour browns, it loses its raw taste, and a rich, nutlike flavor develops.
Americans are used to colorless and flavorless oils, like polyunsaturate-rich corn and sunflower oils, so olive oil, with its fruity, nutlike flavor, greenish-gold color and aromatic odor is still a relatively foreign taste.