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a widely distributed perennial sedge having small edible nutlike tubers

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Crabgrass is the notorious grassy weed, but there are others, like yellow foxtail and nutgrass.
Nutsedge, or nutgrass as it is sometimes called, is a sedge and not a true grass (Figure 14-14).
Symrise's extensive efficacy tests showed that plants with powerful antiirritant properties included witch hazel, as well as Lonicera japonica (Extrapone honeysuckle flower), Pueraria lobata (Extrapone pueraria root), Sophora japonica (Extrapone sophora flower) and Cyperus rotundus (Extrapone nutgrass root).
Rocks, stones, nutgrass, and other objects in the ground below your pool can easily puncture unprotected pool liners and cause leaks.
The markers that identify these flowers read: Thimbleberry, Swordfern, Creeping Dayflower, and Nutgrass.
I don't know if there's nutgrass everywhere or if it's just a Texas/southern thing, but talk about a bugger of a weed
Problematic Weed (Percent "Yes" Responses) Nutsedge 0% Nutgrass 6% Flaxleave Fleabane 12%
Xiang Fu: stem of nutgrass, is used to help water retention and mood swings in women as a natural source of oestrogen.
Johnson grass, nutgrass and crab-grass are just a few of the more common ones.