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Synonyms for nutcase

someone deranged and possibly dangerous

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NetSuite Replaced Multiple On-Premise Software Systems for Nutcase Helmets and Optic Nerve
The Nutcase brand has had a love affair with European customers for over five years now, and our romance with Europe is only just beginning," says Michael Morrow, the Portland, Oregon entrepreneur who first conceived of the Nutcase brand concept in November 2000.
There's not such a worry over the eclipse of Marine Boy as he missed the break and is clearly a nutcase, but Rose Diamond should really have done a good deal better - there was no reason to think she wouldn't stay 1m, but she was firmly put in her place by Apple Charlotte.
SOME people have suggested Craig Bellamy is a nutcase and would not suit our club and type of play.
This man is a total nutcase as far as I'm concerned.
That nutcase hanging over the Thames in a plastic box?
Molly has no idea what she's in for when she finds the hypnotism book in the library, but if that nutcase professor from the museum is so hot for it, it must be big.
I think it's because they've seen me on Big Brother and they've seen what a nutcase I am.
3 Take your fruit and nutcase bar mixture and press into a small tin lined with baking paper.
Nutcase politician Olof Wullink, one of the party's candidates, reckons his region needs its own nature in its fields, so he is hoping to send cattle back to Scotland and ponies back to Poland.
The sad fact is, if a nutcase is hell-bent on engaging in wanton acts of mindless violence they will do so, using whatever is at hand.
My source says the supermodel was trying ultra-hard to be bootylicious: "She kept singing the wrong words to songs really loudly and was dancing like a nutcase.
Last night parish priest, Father Paul Hackett, 74, who along with four other Catholic churchmen received death threats earlier this year, said: 'I really hope it's an accident, unless it's proved to be a complete nutcase and then you've got no defence against that.
So there you are: hanging out in the House of Commons, doing your thing, when some nutcase gets up, starts shouting his head off and lobs a load of mysterious, purple powder at you.
I think I was known as a nutcase at school but I would always step in to help the ones who were being bullied, so I was more of a peacemaker.