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Synonyms for nutcase

someone deranged and possibly dangerous

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So, Mr Islam, don't try to justify this act with terrorism but an act of a nutcase with a gun or 20 in his case.
My friend then forwarded the list to his company's president, slapping a cover note saying, in the typical shorthand of e-mail: "List from nutcase juror".
She said: "I think about myself at her age and I was a complete nutcase, whereas she is so self-possessed but warm and generous.
Mario Balotelli is a nutcase who would not have lasted five minutes in any dressing room I've been in.
A furious Webber said: "It's been confirmed it was the first-lap nutcase.
While the details of Bachmann's life "can be woven together into a narrative that makes Bachmann look like a nutcase," Tobin wrote, "the problem with such efforts is that unlike Palin, after more than a decade as a legislator, [Bachmann] can't be dismissed as a political flash in the pan or an empty suit.
Instead, Dustin Lance Black's fourth feature (his first since getting his "Milk" Oscar) is more schizophrenic than its titular nutcase.
CHRISTMAS nutcase Eric Marshall confessed today that in the last ten years his impressive light show had "just snowballed".
There's not such a worry over the eclipse of Marine Boy as he missed the break and is clearly a nutcase, but Rose Diamond should really have done a good deal better - there was no reason to think she wouldn't stay 1m, but she was firmly put in her place by Apple Charlotte.
Nutcase Ash, Director of One Ten said: "We are looking forward to working with S&X and utilising their expertise to re-launch Sanctum and promote the rest of One Ten's facilities.
This man is a total nutcase as far as I'm concerned.
Molly has no idea what she's in for when she finds the hypnotism book in the library, but if that nutcase professor from the museum is so hot for it, it must be big.
I think it's because they've seen me on Big Brother and they've seen what a nutcase I am.
Ungracious in defeat, nutcase Naomi rounded on her triumphant rival mentor Caroline Winberg and snarled: "You've got war, honey
Not your average driving sim, each of the 35 cars on offer has a jump button and can spin around 180-degrees on the imaginative tracks dotted around the globe, allowing you to better line up the aim of your power-ups as well as earning much-needed turbo powers by driving like a nutcase.