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Drawing on nutation in astronomy that measures the rocking or swaying motion in the earth's axis of rotation caused by forces including the sun and moon, Darwin transfers this astronomical movement into the movements of these three flowers as they physically "watch" and follow, or turn with, the progress of these celestial bodies across the sky.
As for the rotation modes, the relationships between the time delays and the critical nutation frequency are further analytically analyzed, and then an effective phase compensation strategy is proposed.
Note that from [31], in computing the derivative of the transformation, the precession, nutation and polar motion matrix maybe considered as constant.
Examples of knowledge-based topics seen in NASA include composite overwrap pressure vessels (lightweight storage vessels that require careful handling and are a potential hazard); nutation time constant (sloshing propellant during coast phase of launch); tin whiskers (metallic crystal growth on circuit boards); and EVA gloves (damage to spacesuit gloves during extra-vehicular activity).
Time-lapse photography of growing shoots reveals spooky, circular sweeps called nutation.
The volume also addresses such topics as active nutation damping, separation dynamics of spinning bodies, and tethers in space, as well as environmental effects of gravitation, solar radiation, aerodynamics, and geomagnetics.
But this simplicity doesn't compromise the program's plotting and calculating accuracy, since you can dig a little deeper and find settings for such subtle astronomical effects as nutation, stellar aberration, and light time, as well as the common corrections made for atmospheric refraction and precession.
Fuel slosh reduces the rotational kinetic energy of a spinning space vehicle, however, leading to a growing nutation (wobble) that can undermine its gyroscopic stability.
Indeed, the poems by Yeats, which begin the anthology, put me in an immediate state of nutation (i.
formulas for precession and nutation, precession coefficients, nutation amplitudes, velocity of light etc.
It is, of course, critical that the nutation rate not be an integer multiple of the nominal rotation rate.
It is proved that the astronomical longitude of Paramaribo as published by Roelofs in his book, Astronomy Applied to Land Surveying is based on the astronomical observations of Van Stockum from 1911, corrected for precession and nutation.