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(of shrubs or trees) producing nuts

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Normally, for depreciation purposes, fruit-bearing and nut-bearing plants are not considered to be placed in service until they reach "an income-producing stage" (Regs.
To obtain hickory nuts, however, one must still "go nutting" for several years after planting the trees, because they do not bear nuts for at least five years, and trying to estimate how many years will pass before trees of a particular type go into full nut-bearing potential is a tough nut to crack indeed.
Among the 12 organization winners are a restaurant that recycles or composts 99 percent of its waste stream, a group that plants and maintains fruit- and nut-bearing trees that provide free organic food to city residents, and the Children's Museum, whose recently renovated building now features a green roof and reclaimed storm water strategies.
33 To which country is the nut-bearing cashew tree native?
In addition to continued cleanups that attract thousands of volunteers, Living Lands and Rivers is growing and planting a million hardwood, nut-bearing trees to replace the ones absent since they were cut down to stoke the boilers of Mississippi River steamboats.
Its Urban Orchards project is a greening and food production program that operates with local groups to plant, maintain and harvest fruit- and nut-bearing trees, shrubs and vines on public land.
Chile's hazelnut industry is young; it needs another seven years before its trees reach full nut-bearing maturity.
Hemlock, and nut-bearing trees like beech, hickory and chestnut, were expanding northward rapidly, but had yet to arrive.
Many kinds of pistachio trees that aren't cultivated for their nuts are instead used as rootstocks to which the upper, nut-bearing portion of the tree, or scion, is grafted.
Many scientists now believe the mast cycle is an evolutionary adaptation; that over the eons oaks and other nut-bearing trees have developed an on-and-off mast cycle to ensure their reproductive survival.
Dorris came up with a ground-breaking new way to grow nut-bearing filbert trees, a crop that now fills most of the ranch's 11 orchards, according to Willamalane employee Karen Glickman.
The hills on the northern Aegean coast are covered with fertile fields, olive groves, nut-bearing pines and fig orchards.
Fagus, Castanae, Castanopsis, Lithocarpus, Corylus, Aesculus, and Prunus; to examine the evolutionary histories of these mutualistic interactions; and to identify the traits of nut-bearing plants and nut-dispersing rodents and jays that influence the success of the mutualism.
Usually you'will need enough space for two trees, as most nut-bearing plants need a partner of the opposite sex for nut-making.
This is the first study, however, to quantify the caching patterns of blue jays in nature and to evaluate the hypothesis that their caching promotes the spread of nut-bearing trees.