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the shell around the kernel of a nut

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In the present research work, we interest to produce CNSL bio oil from the waste cashew nut shell and enhance the fuel's properties with Acetone additive.
Keeping in view the potential of peach nut shell for the removal of endosulfan from aqueous solutions [23] present study was carried out to investigate the sorption efficiency of PNS for removal of the toxic metal ions from water steams.
Current research has been conducted to evaluate the use of cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL) in diets of lactating cows and its effects on intake and digestibility of nutrients, milk production, milk composition and fatty acids composition of milk fat.
Anacardic acid content is high in raw cashew nut shell which undergoes decarboxylation to cardanol during the extraction of the shells at high temperature.
Key words Cashew nut shell liquid; immature stages; larvicidal effect; mosquito
The group manufactures and exports cashew kernels and related products, including cashew nut shell liquid, resins, paints, primers, and varnishes.
In a nut shell, the mining sector in Australia has seen some major offers from companies in India and Thailand, notably the offer for the purchase of Macarthur Coal by Peabody Energy that was later absconded, Thailand Company, Banpu, made an offer of $2 billion for the acquisition of Centennial Coal Co.
My answer in a nut shell - eleven different players to what they have
In the nut shell, the Climate Change Impacts are triggering food and water insecurities for the country.
100ppm avenanthramides; (-)alpha-Bisabolol is a 100% natural antiirritant derived from sustainable sources; SymRelief (INCI: Bisabolol, zingiber officinale (ginger) root extract), is a 100% natural, cost-effective anti-irritant mixture of sustainable Bisabolol and organic ginger; Neo Actipone Soap Nut Shell (INCI: Sapindos mukorossi peel extract) is a 100% natural detergent; and Dracorin CE (INCI: Glyceryl stearate citrate), a vegetable-based emulsifier for creams and Dracorin GOC (INCI: Glyceryl oleate citrate, caprylic/capric triglyceride) is a vegetable-based emulsifier for lotions (cold and hot emulsification).
What Homer and Rhonda Henson, who head Louisville Pecan do not know about pecans could be engraved on a nut shell.
In a nut shell, we can significantly influence a papermakers's bottom line with the proper selection of paper machine clothing (both construction and application)," Landry said.
Sellers (1989) demonstrated that pecan nut shell flour as filler resulted in less knife wear than two types of furfural residue fillers.
In a nut shell, database-driven Web sites are hot and Drumbeat 2.
Azhar Qadri, the patron-in-chief of the Organisation has given introduction of some of the contributors in a nut shell.