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Synonyms for nursling

a very young child

Synonyms for nursling

an infant considered in relation to its nurse

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Paul, Lucy's fellow teacher says, catching Lucy in a museum viewing what he deems to be an inappropriate painting for an unmarried young woman to look at: "You nurslings of Protestantism astonish me.
Although Santos found that nursling infants suffered less from malnutrition, 55 percent of the children between one and five were malnourished.
I can't help but notice that the daily chores - maintenance of Chubb, (even after employing the new strategy of "benign neglect"), extract crayons from her nose, extract her from beneath a sofa, wrestle the hammer out of her clutches, retune the television, explain that Mama is having a bath, and not hiding, eating biscuits (sometimes one has to lie), fetch Chelsea buns for my wife, not irritate her by standing in doorways, and now in addition, the many offices for our shining new nursling, little Nipper - mean that I might well have to give up one of life's essentials (maybe bathing), to stay in the game.
I spent a lot of time cringing at the thought of all the heel pricks and interventions my little premature baby endured in the early days--this baby who I never even wanted to subject to a vitamin K shot or antibiotic eye drops but now I look at my chubby nursling who's organically fed and holistically raised and know that the months he spends with us are quickly melting away the memories of those traumatic early days.
The one we slaughtered that day was a nursling wether with a fat belly.
For the sake of thy dear shape the nursling of Atarneus also Has left the sun's beams desolate.
The excretion of nicotine in breast milk and urine from cigarette smoking its effect on location and the nursling.
Police refused to comment on the incident at the B& Q store in Nursling, Southampton.
Her son brought suit against Nursing Facility, alleging that his mother's death resulted from Nursling Facility's negligent care.
Wisdom, God's nursling and a delight to man, plays a double role.
I was his nursling once and choice delight His destin'd from the womb Promised by heavenly message twice descending.
The infants' isotopic values reflect its extremely high lipid diet as a nursling.
Essentially, this stage involves the moment in a child's development, occurring somewhere between six to eighteen months, when a child who is "still sunk in his motor incapacity and nursling dependence" as Lacan explains, (6) is able to recognize himself in the mirror and, in response, physically assumes a more upright position (sits up) and consequently develops an idealized image of himself as a being more autonomous and fully developed than he is in reality.
Yvonne Hanvey, West Lodge, Romsey Road, Nursling, Southampton SO16 0XA
Two authors examine the closet drama in relation to physical motherhood--Amy Boesky in "Samson and surrogacy" and Rachel Trubowitz in "'I was his nursling once': nation, lactation, and the Hebraic in Samson Agonistes.