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Synonyms for process

Synonyms for process

a writ issued by authority of law

deal with in a routine way

perform mathematical and logical operations on (data) according to programmed instructions in order to obtain the required information

institute legal proceedings against

deliver a warrant or summons to someone

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This also puts nurses at a further disadvantage as they cannot manage the nursing process without measurements.
Ideally, documentation of patients' progress toward their goals should be integrated into the assessment section, allowing for minimal screen changes to document all phases of the nursing process.
Assessment is one of the four core competences developed by NHIVNA for nurses working with HIV-positive patients in any clinical setting [1], and is perhaps the most crucial part of the nursing process [2].
I had learned a great deal and had become quite interested in the nursing process behind dialysis and nephrology, so much so that I am consolidating on a medical nephrology floor, and doing a four-week term in hemo and peritoneal dialysis.
Nursing has, over the last few decades, developed and implemented a nursing process, which is recognised internationally and integrated into most nursing curricula (8).
The importance of using therapeutic communication with clients as well as the nursing process was reinforced during the experience.
The change is in the number of technologies and information infrastructure to support the nursing process among settings.
When I Took a Step Toward My Dreams, My Dreams Moved Closer to Me When I started in nursing school 25 years ago, I realized, like Vickie, that the nursing process we were taught could apply to anything we do.
The purpose of this study was to do a systematic review in order to explore the evidence in support of the beneficial nursing interventions during prone positioning of ventilated patients and to develop evidence-based nursing guidelines with regard to the nursing process.
They are classified according to two broad categories: 1) the structure of the critical care unit including the physical layout, but also processes for unit governance and opportunities for professional development (see Table One), and 2) the critical care nursing process (see Table Two).
We must make it clear to the standard writers at ANA that nursing practice is not only guided by the nursing process, but the nursing process is guided by extant conceptual framework.
When evaluating your health center, your first step is identical to the nursing process and begins with an assessment.
include structured terminology to document all phases of the nursing process.
Enhancing critical thinking with case studies and nursing process.
Foster professional development by emphasizing the use of the nursing process as the critical thinking framework for developing, implementing, and evaluating patient-centered care across the lifespan.
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