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a vessel fitted with a flexible teat and filled with milk or formula

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Nursing bottle syndrome, prevalence and etiology in a non-fluoridated city.
The Baby Drinks Campaign says prolonged or frequent consumption of sugared drinks in a bottle or trainer cup may initiate a pattern of tooth decay known as nursing bottle caries.
Studies published over the past 25 years indicate that the primary factor in BBTD is the prolonged use of a nursing bottle filled with sweetened liquids.
One of the key findings of the program, which indicates the need for early preventive care, notes the fact that about half of the children seen risked developing nursing bottle tooth decay -- a serious decay of the primary teeth which can lead to problems in permanent teeth.
FISH NURSING BOTTLE: A fish farm in Thailand employs visitors instead of staff to feed fish in the aquarium with nursing bottles.
Survival times for the first permanent molars were significantly shorter in those who used a pacifier, a nursing bottle at night or who did not tooth brush daily.
Not have a nursing bottle Babies who constantly carry a bottle or are put to bed with a bottle full of juice or milk develop "nursing bottle caries.
If you have babies or toddlers, the kit should also include baby formula, canned baby foods, nursing bottles and diapers.
I do recall she bought my son's first nursing bottles and I thought they were prehistoric.
Meanwhile, China's new policy of encouraging married couples to have two children instead of one prompted Chinese cosmetics maker Shanghai Jahwa (Group) Co Ltd to buy Mayborn Group, parent of the largest British nursing bottles producer Jackel (Tommee Tippee), which got to 125 in the Top 200 on turnover of PS52.
The gift boxes contained a range of items such as nursing bottles, disposable diapers, blankets and clothing as well as a special Bible verse from each learner to encourage the new moms.
The shelter is seeking donations of KMR (milk replacer), nursing bottles, high-quality kitten food, toys, new pet beds, and other items.
An official from the health ministry explained that people sometimes put milk in nursing bottles and then heat them, which makes it more likely that the BPA in the bottles will leech into the milk.
US juvenile health, safety and wellness products provider Summer Infant (NASDAQ:SUMR) on Monday unveiled the completion of a deal to acquire baby bisphenol A-free (BPA-free) nursing bottles maker BornFree Holdings.
Buy special kitten formula and pet nursing bottles from your veterinarian or pet store--feeding cow's milk is a sure-fire way to cause diarrhea in fragile newborns.