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Synonyms for nurseling

an infant considered in relation to its nurse

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Hither British Muse of mine, Hither all the Grecian Nine, With the lovely Graces three, And your promis'd nurseling see: Figure on her waxen mind Images of life refin'd.
Since the revelation is illegible to Mohammed, the holder of the proper name, no Father's son, but his grandfather's ward, a Bedouin's nurseling, - Mohammed "sacrifices his signature.
109) They run, make noise; The bronze bridles clank, The burkas show up black, the armor flashes, The saddled horses boil, The whole aul is ready for the raid, And the wild nurselings of battle In a river gushed from the hills And rode along the bank of the Kuban' To gather tribute by force.
But she is a foolish nurse, of rather we are false foolish nurselings, when, in our resting and reflecting hours, we prolong the same deception.