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the convent of a community of nuns

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Nunnery said that the bank has been very successful with its warehouse lending program and felt that this new correspondent lending program would be a very good complement to that business.
The nunnery is believed to have been dissolved in 1536.
One example of Taiwanese Buddhist nuns who actively engage in benefiting and empowering Buddhist women and yet prefer to remain unknown is the second agency in the founding of the Bhikkhuni Academy--the bhikkhuni sangha of Jiuhuashan Daxingshansi, or, following Li Yu-chen's usage, Daxingshan Nunnery.
On Thursday, Pope Benedict XVI will say goodbye and spend time at the summer papal residence, Castel Gandolfo, until work is completed on the nunnery.
Within yards we turn right along Nunnery Lane and make our way up the slope towards Wilton Lodge.
THE voice of Jim Broadbent will feature as a talking tree in a new play by Lizzie Nunnery.
London, Nov 7 (ANI): Miss Venezuela, Ivian Lunasol Sarcos Colmenares, who spent five years studying in a nunnery, has bagged the title of Miss World 2011 amid much fanfare at Earls Court Two in London.
In his sermon at the Silesian nunnery, Ra'i called upon the Lord to protect and bless this land with the Spirit of affection and peaceful coexistence.
Moreover, in addition to much needed income, silk manufacture, like property management, opened opportunities for some nuns to develop business and decision-making skills and for the nunnery to establish commercial relationships with merchants in the city.
To keep her safe until LaRocca can be charged, the police arrange for her to become Sister Mary Clarence at a nunnery overseen by stern Mother Superior (Maggie Smith).
ATHENS: Dozens of wildfires broke out in Greece on Saturday, threatening homes and forcing the evacuation of a nunnery and a children s camp near Athens.
In 1944, Hungary has fallen to Nazi Germany, and one pair of Jewish sisters' only hope is to enter the protection of a Catholic nunnery.
We first went to the nunnery in Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan, this we already reported in our previous issue.
My visit to a Tibetan Buddhist nunnery in India provides some answers.
Here the nuns are preparing for the end of lent when the return of long-gone Sister Cecely, who fled the nunnery with a man nine years earlier, disrupts proceedings.