nun's habit

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a long loose habit worn by nuns in a convent

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Angus Reid Institute survey says: Nun's habit 88% Jewish kippah 85% Sikh turban 77% Islamic hijab 75% Niqab 32% Burka 29%
Amateur rugby club chairman Dave, played by Norman Pace (of 80s comic duo Hale and Pace) is joined in the club for the game by star player Jake (George MacKay) plus two Aussies, a journalist and a man in a nun's habit whose wife is in labour.
The hills are alive with the sound of protest, and Century of Stone powerhouse Craig Hornby has apparently said he'll "skip around the Nab in a nun's habit singing like Julie Andrews" if the magic figure of PS425,000 is reached.
The 27-year-old singer first appeared in a nun's habit and square headdress, while later black unitard-clad dancers helped her change into a blue miniskirt and jacket with oversized shoulder pads, a black unitard and eventually a thong bikini decorated in shells.
On one occasion, she was tied to the pole for two days in a broom cupboard after pulling a nun's habit off.
On one occasion, she was tied to a pole for two days in a broom cupboard after pulling a nun's habit off.
SORRY, Rihanna, looks like you're going to have to perform in a nun's habit this weekend.
The use of the nun's habit in popular culture is also significant.
I'm thinking a nun's habit, since Deloris is supposed to be undercover) "They're incredible," she says, taking the wind out of my sails.
Pinning a band with the message ''no to reactivation'' to her nun's habit, Setouchi said Japan is in as bad a state as she has known in her almost 90 years of life, adding, ''I can't hand over the current Japan to the younger generation.
The other costumes include a very revealing S& M- inspired corset bodysuit with exaggerated shoulders and a translucent nun's habit.
A Hollywood short film from 1929 SO these four flappers get a flat tire next to the beach--what to do but shrug off a few pounds of cloth and go skinny-dipping--which, in 1929, means splashing about in underwear layered like a nun's habit.
The bone-shaker bike on big, deep cobbles in a long nun's habit with a loose seat that kept tipping backwards - I had to avoid the ruts, maintain a safe distance from the camera car, try not to kill any extras and remember my lines" - Actress Pam Ferris on her role in the BBC hit series Call The Midwife.
Yes, a mini-skirt might trigger some of their sick fantasies, or feed into their pathologies, but equally so might a nun's habit, a nurse's uniform or a Juicy couture trackie.