saddle blanket

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stable gear consisting of a blanket placed under the saddle

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Aimed at dogs, cats and horses, we will be offering many goods including, food, treats, baskets, clothing, leads, blankets, horse numnahs, and more.
We were provided with smart numnahs, polo shirts and hat silks for the ride day by Barnard Castle RC.
The action started early on Friday morning and the juniors had prepared their horses in beautiful white numnahs in preparation for the test.
We are sure that by offering the unique service of repair and pickup as well as washing numnahs and saddles, we'll be busy all year.
Cockerill is appealing for small (around four-and-ahalf-inch) snaffle bits, plus bridles, head collars, old numnahs, wormers, wound powder and lots of other stable oddments that would be of great benefit to the equine breed in Gambia.