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the collection and study of money (and coins in particular)

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The result will be the manufacturing of numismatic coins with the portrait of Nikola Tesla.
It should be noted that gold coins of Kirman Atabekov, discovered in southern region in 2013, are kept in the numismatics and epigraphic department of the Azerbaijan History Museum.
Interestingly, few of the rulers who were instumental in propogating numismatics included Anizham Tirunal Marthanda Varma, who introduced "Chukrams " in silver way back in 1752 AD, Karthika Tirunal Rama Varma in the second half of 18th century brought in two new gold coins and Bala Rama Varma introduced half chukram in 1809 AD.
OTC: PNOW) has acquired Central American-Caribbean specialty coins, currency and medals operator Meso Numismatics, the company said.
The Saudi Philatelic and Numismatics Society (SPNS) honored 82 individuals and media outfits at its awards ceremony here on Wednesday night at the King Fahd Cultural Complex.
Buffalo Coins: America's Favorite considers the American bison on US coins, tokens and medals and provides a slim but lovely new book telling the history of this image in numismatics and popular culture alike.
The exhibition, which runs to March 28, covers the changes in numismatics - the study of currency - since the society first met at Newcastle's Black Gate in March 1954, including decimilisation in 1972, the withdrawal of the farthing in 1960, the one pound coin replacing the one pound note and the introduction of new 20p and PS2 coins.
One might expect a coffee table book to focus on such memorabilia, and it does--but it also incorporates Rendell's ongoing love of numismatics and the history of American coinage, making The Great American West: Pursuing the American Dream far more than another history guide of common facts.
This study of the Hasmonean dynasty draws on multiple fields of inquiry: Judaica, sacred scriptures, archaeology, numismatics, classics.
As a result, students and scholars now have at their fingertips a chronologically comprehensive set of references to aid in their study of numismatics and wider monetary history for Islamic Egypt.
Dr Mark Redknap, Acting Keeper of Archaeology and Numismatics, said: "The artefacts from Llyn Cerrig Bach are of great importance, both in a local and national context.
Maita's professional career in numismatics began as a sophomore at the University of Florida when he and two partners founded Gainesville Coins.
At 16, when he got a Malaya-Japanese occupation dollar note, his interest in numismatics or the study or collection of coins, tokens, paper money, grew wider.
It's one of the key elements of an interpretation project helped by Richard Brewer, Keeper of Archaeology & Numismatics at National Museum Wales, who has updated the old guide to bring the story to life with pictures and reconstructions of the site.
Bulgaria's new law on cultural heritage is about to face one of its first tests in the prosecution of Dimitar Draganov, a professor in numismatics from the town of Rousse on the Danube.