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Synonyms for numinous

Synonyms for numinous

of or concerned with the spirit rather than the body or material things

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evincing the presence of a deity

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Here in the hollow of space, answering your numinous rhymes, (10) To be "without reliance" would be like what?
Nor does it seem that he has done his research on the numinous and Dracula before rejecting that aspect of spiritual analysis out of hand.
The ancestors were people of numinous experience, full of imagination to understand the secret of soils.
With a subject that ramified into such motifs as the irrepressible longing to retrieve the numinous "spots of time" (as Wordsworth calls them) of one's childhood and youth, the reflections on how we know and what it is that (we think) we know notwithstanding the shortcomings of the language we have to rely on and the unintelligibility of the languages addressing us from the world around us, the loving reverence professed to the masters from whom one has learned what he values?
JANE Galvin is hosting an exhibition, Exploring The Numinous ate her gallery at Carr Lane, Slaithwaite.
John Perse, and the linguistic brio of an Edmond Jabes, Jaccottet probes the folds and crevices of experience without seeking either palpable reality or numinous revelation.
With a rich thematic register (mythic images, sagas, and ballads), especially in the excellent introductory cycle, "Elegies from the North," themes of exile are also highlighted, together with themes of war and prophetic foreboding, the collapse of values and basic heritage of civilization, followed by the sensual confessions in the form of male-female dialogue; the atmosphere of the metropolis opposed to the perfection of the numinous imagination, and eternal departures and returns to Slovenia.
In her own words: "Strategies employed include definitions and explorations of numinous spaces, Jesus figures, ethical voices, categories of scapegoats, disclosures of the sacred in nature, biblical comparisons, and the mythos of an absent God" (9).
In point of fact, there is no numinous certainty about American guarantees of good faith.
Oliver does not end his analysis when the indigenous political leadership ultimately collapses, but rather follows the deeply-rooted conception that powerful numinous beings can be embodied in objects, as it is combined with Christian concepts through the centuries following conquest.
MerwinAAEs poetry makes powerful connections between the sense of self, the elusive transparency of the present moment, the natural world and the numinous beyond.
uk, says: "This is simple really, all we ask is that you will be comfortable with and willing to discuss a numinous amount of subjects with our customers from the seemingly mundane to the more sexual and explicit nature.
Nonetheless, for both individual contemplation and collective worship, a calm sense of the numinous prevails.
He shoulders that burden, exploring Levinas in dialogue with Plato about human longing, with Heidegger about longing and striving for the Beyond, with Fichte about the ethics of longing, with Schilling on the metaphysics of longing and creature-consciousness, and with Otto on longing and the numinous.
As the full moon rose in numinous splendor over Mount Kilimanjaro, Ernie was stricken speechless with wonder and joy.