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Synonyms for numinous

Synonyms for numinous

of or concerned with the spirit rather than the body or material things

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evincing the presence of a deity

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At some point, though, the church became the keeper of the numinous and the interpreter of its powers.
Together with the text, the numinous Hubble images and paintings of the West enchant her audience, supporting Kessler's claims and indicating her extensive research.
The Numinous comprises anything possessing ritual, belief, deep feeling, or community.
Rejecting the idea of the numinous and its characteristics of mysterium tremendum set forth by Rudolf Otto in his seminal work The Idea of the Holy and elaborated on by Devendra P.
The ancestors were people of numinous experience, full of imagination to understand the secret of soils.
JANE Galvin is hosting an exhibition, Exploring The Numinous ate her gallery at Carr Lane, Slaithwaite.
John Perse, and the linguistic brio of an Edmond Jabes, Jaccottet probes the folds and crevices of experience without seeking either palpable reality or numinous revelation.
With a rich thematic register (mythic images, sagas, and ballads), especially in the excellent introductory cycle, "Elegies from the North," themes of exile are also highlighted, together with themes of war and prophetic foreboding, the collapse of values and basic heritage of civilization, followed by the sensual confessions in the form of male-female dialogue; the atmosphere of the metropolis opposed to the perfection of the numinous imagination, and eternal departures and returns to Slovenia.
She has encounters with the numinous, and supernatural intuitions.
MerwinAAEs poetry makes powerful connections between the sense of self, the elusive transparency of the present moment, the natural world and the numinous beyond.
uk, says: "This is simple really, all we ask is that you will be comfortable with and willing to discuss a numinous amount of subjects with our customers from the seemingly mundane to the more sexual and explicit nature.
Stuart Sarbacker, in his book Samadhi: The Numinous and the Cessative in Indo-Tibetan Yoga, sees these two meanings, the first labeled "numinous," the second "cessative," operating dialectically even in the Yoga Sutras.
He shoulders that burden, exploring Levinas in dialogue with Plato about human longing, with Heidegger about longing and striving for the Beyond, with Fichte about the ethics of longing, with Schilling on the metaphysics of longing and creature-consciousness, and with Otto on longing and the numinous.
Like nightmares, the poems (see "Georgetown Cemetery" (4) and "St Lawrence Twilight" (7)) re-configure the Caribbean landscape so that, now devoid of the beauty and charisma it once possessed in memory, Caribbean identity undergoes a numinous change.
Both Parties, he said, were numinous on action against Taliban and issue regarding threat of Talibanisation in Karachi was also came under discussion during the meeting.