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a spirit believed to inhabit an object or preside over a place (especially in ancient Roman religion)

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Dan Hanrahan, president of Numina Group, said the system occupies 65 percent less floor space than conventional storage and the voice system can boost productivity by 40 percent over stand-alone VLMs.
Kant's two worlds can be seen as related to Martin Heidegger's three worlds: 1) Mitwelt, or the "with-world," is the world around consisting of people (what Heidegger eventually came to call Dasein): this is an important part of Kant's world of physical phenomena--in this sense, man can be regarded as a human phenomenon (Teilhard de Chardin's terminology) surrounded by human phenomena; 2) Umwelt, the world around consisting of all objects and events, what we would call "the environment": this is also a major part of Kant's world of physical phenomena; 3) Selbstwelt, the world of the self, or "selfdom": this is an essential part of Kant's world of physical phenomena that is also a gateway to the world of transcendental numina (the latter idea according to romantic theorists).
Another common aspect of their classifications is a basic division into numina that originate in humans and those that do not.
Numina Group is a leading systems integrator and material handling automation supplier, providing warehouse controls and automation solutions in manufacturing and distribution operations throughout the world.
Phineus] demum vittas laurumque capessit / numina nota ciens"; and Juvenal, Saturae, 13.
This shrinks what used to take weeks of writing (a new ladder logic program for each product change) down to a few hours," said Mark Woodworth, systems manager at Numina.
from Harvard University and is a recognized authority on wireless technology, most notably as president and CEO of Numina Systems.
I visited with the Numina Group, Fox IV Technologies and Logopak and spoke with PSI Engineering after the show.
In addition, 70 terms designating numina of the religious pantheon are analyzed and most of them shown to refer to the dead (and ancestors).
This past April, he presented, in collaboration with Keith Connolly, NUMINA lente, a three-day music and performance festival at New York's Clemente Soto V[contains]lez Cultural Center.
Dan Hanrahan, president of Numina Group, says his company incorporates WMS and voice-picking technology expertise into its real-time distribution software.
Its Numina and Primus single vineyard wines are very special, particularly the malbec, and also great values for less than $30.
Oliver Venz, a graduate student in social anthropology and linguistics at the Freie Universitat and Technische Universitat of Berlin, Germany, is currently (since Dec 2004) carrying out research in East Kalimantan (Kutai Barat) aimed at studying the autochthonous religion of the Benua' with a special focus on the characteristics, functions and historical development of the numina that form the Benua's religious pantheon.