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a spirit believed to inhabit an object or preside over a place (especially in ancient Roman religion)

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According to version (5), then, the terms juus, liau and kelelungan do not refer to different numina, but merely distinguish three different stages in the ontogenesis of the dream ego.
Numina Group is a leading systems integrator and material handling automation supplier, providing warehouse controls and automation solutions in manufacturing and distribution operations throughout the world.
His early works frequently glorified and romanticized war and soldiers, as in Soldiers' Pay (1926), Sartoris (1929), and the several short stories set during the Great War he never experienced; in all these military vignettes that preceded The Unvanquished, he frequently further heightened and empowered martial narrative through an overlay of sacral numina.
from Harvard University and is a recognized authority on wireless technology, most notably as president and CEO of Numina Systems.
In concluding, Venz argues that almost all Benuaq terms for numina, including, not least, the term timang, refer to numina that have originated as deceased humans.
Denique illis gentibus qui se hostes nobis faciant, non foedus at rogatum praebemus; ut adversarii ambo iterum incipiant pacem petere, antequam numina atra ad delendum scientia a vinculis soluta omnes gentes aut ratione aut forte in suam vastitatem devorent.
Lubomyr Melnyk's performance on the first night of the NUMINA lente festival, organized by Jay Sanders and Keith Connolly, offered a glimpse of an intensity, invention, and sincerity that one rarely, if ever, sees.
Numina Corporation has developed a unique Internet-based solution for digital versions of leading college-level textbooks.
She belongs to that distinct group of specifically Roman numina whose official cults were usually instituted in response to portentous events that threatened the well-being of the res publica.
Besides, western terms such as "transcendental," "spirit," or "demon" impose unwarranted connotations upon the indigenous numina to be studied, in addition to having only minimal explanatory power due to their own ambiguous semantics.
This past April, he presented, in collaboration with Keith Connolly, NUMINA lente, a three-day music and performance festival at New York's Clemente Soto V[contains]lez Cultural Center.
Its Numina and Primus single vineyard wines are very special, particularly the malbec, and also great values for less than $30.
Ad trinitatem de [Egidio Cardinale Canino]": Numina quae coelum super uno nomine trina / Incolitis, tuto vos iuvet esse loco.
It is not restricted to living human beings, but, according to ritual texts, it is also found in sacrificial animals, in forebears and ancestors, and mythological numina.
8) Asakng designates an "organ" or "organ-like" part of the body not only found in humans, but, as the ritual texts inform us, also in sacrificial animals such as buffalos, pigs and chickens as well as, somewhat surprisingly, in the dead, forebears, ancestors or the mythological numina.