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Synonyms for numerous

Synonyms for numerous

amounting to or consisting of a large, indefinite number

Synonyms for numerous

amounting to a large indefinite number


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Ra'ed al-Salhi, 21, was shot numerously by Israeli soldiers in the abdomn, kidney, and thigh areas and was left to bleed helplessly on the ground for hours before being transferred to hospital.
The positive effect of perception of quality on marketing performance has been proved numerously (Sweeney et al.
To measure and analyse the dramatic change of piezoresistivity, Professor Su and his team tested numerously on the weight ratio of nanofillers in order to optimize the conductivity of the nanocomposite.
The dissemination in HIV is very common and it spreads numerously at multiple sites than the seronegative group.
Parameters such as international market knowledge, local market knowledge, distribution channels, links with major buyers and suppliers, and market relative power are all cited numerously in literature (Dong & Glaister, 2006).
So that all that now salute my taking leave Have added numerously to the love Wherewith I did receive their courtesy.
This paper made observations on the basis of current research that the numerously used dataset to detect intentions of users is twitter blogs.
Stigmasterol and beta-sitrosterol were numerously reported in previous cocoa beans studies; nonetheless no study has reported the exact amount or values for these plant sterols.
the end of the economy deploys its capital like an erector set the invisible hand pierces numerously from us onto the paneled wall a plush wilderness delights under the pubis like besieged machinery hard-trying in postmodern orange steel rising uncommonly discreet doctoring wealth for what has ended but the profound marbling of a concussion earns yet its formal splendor for whose debt we would prefer like that peculiar mist that triggers a depression, but a deformity of it
Different members of actinomycetes were found to be numerously present in the marine ecosystem and attest themselves as an active member of marine microbial communities (Jensen et al.
In the evening a very large number of people attended a public dinner in celebration of the event and a ball followed at the town hall assembly room which "was most fashionably and numerously attended".
Mount Qaf is a mysterious mountain of ancient Islamic tradition renowned as the 'farthest point of the earth,' also have been numerously noted in Middle Eastern fairy tales as a place which cannot be reached by mankind.
Although this doctrine has been expanded numerously in subsequent years, the cardinal principles have been maintained, as evidenced by the relevant provisions in the United Nations Charter.
If "the people" aimed to avoid dynastic war, it should seize the opportunity to gather as quickly, numerously, and resolutely as possible at some central location to support the eldest (or otherwise most promising) candidate by acclamation and to render homage to him, discouraging any potential rivals.
Thus, notwithstanding the numerously reported procedural problems in the scrutiny of the electoral candidates,66 the very idea of imposing such criteria is anathema to the hitherto evolved concept of representative democracy wherein the choice of candidates is the prerogative of the electorate and not of some organ of the state.