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the study of the supposed occult influence of numbers on human affairs

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According to tradition in Taiwan, adult, married daughters must not return home to their parents' home until the second day of the Lunar New Year, and on this day Taiwanese numerology expert Meng Chuan (aa") in an interview with Apple Daily listed several taboos that daughters traditionally must observe on this day.
Furthermore, for numerology enthusiasts, the letter 'L' gains more power for being the 12th letter of the alphabet, because 12 is the symbol, in numerology, of Spiritual Completion.
Now we're just saying, let's take these as historical records rather than numerology," he said.
Good, a British mathematician assembled eight conjectures of numerology for the ratio of the rest masses of the proton and the electron.
Srinivasan's belief in astrology and numerology isn't something new.
The numerology of Feng Shui has a "destiny" and a "vibration" from 1 through 9, each with a different personality or character trait.
The service also provides users with tips to strengthen their relationship and the algorithm behind it is the age-old logic of numerology.
Join 1,000 of your closest friends for a tantalizing taste of dim sum, oolong-infused cocktails, and Chinese numerology.
The letter R has symbolism of life after death by way of Christian numerology.
Among those who study the art of sacred numerology (according to Bodhi Tree Los Angeles) it is believed that by it's very definition, the number 3 is defined as the root number that attracts blessings where as the the number 2 according to sacred numerology has a root meaning of division in the affairs of man.
A: My mum believes in numerology and she felt that Sasheh would bring me luck.
According to Chinese numerology, one is a yang number ruled by the sun and represents independence and individualism.
According to some Jewish commentaries, a combination of the Jewish calendar cycles and biblical numerology forecasted the Messiah to arrive in the Hebrew year 4856.
Whether it is lust of fancy number, numerology, superstition, luck or status symbol, the craze of VIP and choice numbers have been increasing among the residents of Chandigarh in the last few years.