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a real number regardless of its sign

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As for the numerical value in (11) and (12) of the dimensionless adiabatic index [[gamma].
The impact of a notional course of action, which is the result of revising the numerical value for vulnerability.
b is the high-frequency gain whose precise numerical value is difficult to obtain.
An important feature of the nanoparticle suggests a dependence of numerical values of physical properties of the substance from the size of nanoparticle.
If we regard the numerical value of each central tactical variable as its assessment related to the success of the corresponding action described with this variable, the surface model constructed based on the numerical values of each CTV can be regarded as an overall assessment of the analyzed attack.
Consequently, each word has a numerical value that can be calculated by adding up the numerical values of the letters of the word.
It means that numerical values in the third column of each single transverse curve must be subtracted by an appropriate numerical value, such as 20 in this paper.
The mathematical concept can also be extended to predict homozygous dominant traits such as purple flowers, which is represented by the numerical value of 200 because the dominant purple allele P has been given a numerical value of 100 (Table 3).
Note that the two-part numerical tautonym THIS is 'balanced' in two respects: The numerical value of each of the two parts is identical, as is the number of letters in each part.
The topics include the golden ratio in history, the numerical value of the golden ratio and its properties, unexpected appearances, the plant kingdom, and fractals.
By extent can be said that 28 percent of West plain ears has the numerical value 25 that is important to contamination.
2 Quantity, Value of a Quantity, and Numerical Value of a Quantity
Gematria Calculator--Gematria, part of Kabbalisric thought, assigns a numerical value to each of the Hebrew alphabet's 22 letters, used to decode deeper meanings in Hebrew words and phrases.