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a real number regardless of its sign

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The established correlations indicate the dependence of the numerical values of enthalpies of combustion on stoichiometric amount of oxygen in chemical reaction equations for the complete combustion of amides and anilides.
Table 1 The values of the characteristics of the main materials of the current-carrying cores (shells) of non-and insulated wires and cables of power circuits of electrical installations for general industrial use at [[theta].sub.0] = 20 [degrees]C [5, 6] Material of the Numerical value of the core (shell) of characteristic the wire (cable) [[gamma].sub.0i], [10.sup.7] x [([OMEGA] x m).sup.-1] Copper 5.81 Aluminum 3.61 Material of the Numerical value of the core (shell) of characteristic the wire (cable) [c.sub.0i], [10.sup.6] x J/ ([m.sup.3] x [degrees] C) Copper 3.92 Aluminum 2.70 Material of the Numerical value of the core (shell) of characteristic the wire (cable) [[beta].sub.0i], [10.sup.-9] x [m.sup.3]/J Copper 1.31 Aluminum 2.14 Table 2 Refined values of the coefficient [C.sub.ik].
The time speed function depends on the numerical value of the space dimension, which is a real number.
* The impact of a notional course of action, which is the result of revising the numerical value for vulnerability.
During the adjustment of [[beta].sub.1], the numerical value of [[beta].sub.1] should gradually increase until it meets the performance requirements.
The ratings of each characteristic were then used to calculate an overall numerical value on a 100-point scale, and winners were determined by rank.
Altunsaray also pointed out that the nullification of the four questions on the exam will change the numerical value of each question, leading to discrepancies in the weighting of the different sections and, as a result, unfair calculations of the students' scores.
If we regard the numerical value of each central tactical variable as its assessment related to the success of the corresponding action described with this variable, the surface model constructed based on the numerical values of each CTV can be regarded as an overall assessment of the analyzed attack.
As example the numerical value of coefficients and [k.sub.AZ] could be calculated according to formula:
Each Arabic letter has a numerical value. Consequently, each word has a numerical value that can be calculated by adding up the numerical values of the letters of the word.
The mathematical concept can also be extended to predict homozygous dominant traits such as purple flowers, which is represented by the numerical value of 200 because the dominant purple allele P has been given a numerical value of 100 (Table 3).
Note that the two-part numerical tautonym THIS is 'balanced' in two respects: The numerical value of each of the two parts is identical, as is the number of letters in each part.
The topics include the golden ratio in history, the numerical value of the golden ratio and its properties, unexpected appearances, the plant kingdom, and fractals.
By extent can be said that 28 percent of West plain ears has the numerical value 25 that is important to contamination.
1.2 Quantity, Value of a Quantity, and Numerical Value of a Quantity
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