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small Australian marsupial having long snout and strong claws for feeding on termites

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Six species were then introduced into the sanctuary, all of which used to be native to the area--the woylie, the southern brown bandicoot, the tammar wallaby, the ringtail possum, the numbat and the quokka.
In addition, the morphological traits exhibited in these Pilbara rock art images preclude them from being representation of other striped-backed fauna, such as numbats.
Numbats have long sticky tongues to hold the thousands of termites they eat each day.
These include the aardwolves of Africa, the aardvarks ("ground pig" in Afrikaans) and the pangolins of Africa and Asia, and the numbats and echidnas, primitive egg-laying mammals of Australia.
The first animals to be released will be Bilbies, followed by Bush-tailed Bettongs and Numbats.
I drew numbats and researched these beautiful creatures for an entire term.
Bums are also crucial to numbats, for they sleep in hollow logs and stuff their bottoms in the end like a cork so predators can't pull them out.