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small Australian marsupial having long snout and strong claws for feeding on termites

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The populations of all are now self-sustaining, with the exception of the numbats, whose population remains small and must be supplemented periodically, most recently with animals from Perth Zoo.
Mr Roberts was sympathetic, but assured me that by following the convention I would be less likely to distract the reader's attention from my subject--namely, the numbat.
Andrew Burbidge and Per Christensen, zoologists active in WA from the 1970s, also consistently used Woylie, Numbat, Quokka and Chuditch in publications.
The Mungaroona Range Nature Reserve is in NW Western Australia, and the numbat is the state mammal emblem.
The animals included in the book are The Leadbeater's Possum, Guam Micronesian Kingfisher, Kakapo parrot from New Zealand, Numbat from Western Australia (my favourite), Snow Leopard from Central Asia, Red Ruffed Lemur from Madagascar, Black Footed Ferret from North America, the Red Breasted Goose from Russia, the Idaho Ground Squirrel and the California Sea Otter.
Answers: wombat, jabiru, ibis, numbat, potoroo, kookaburra, wallaby, bandicoot, wallaroo.
Other scientists under his command produced some of the earliest information on such distinctive species as the numbat, the echidna, the common magpie, the tammar wallaby and the lyrebird.
MILLER, David Rufus The Numbat Ford St, 2010 unpaged $24.
3km feral predator exclusion fence in the Dryandra State Forest for the protection of numbat and woylie.
From the imprint page where we spy koala with his towel and numbat with his rubber duckie obviously heading for the bathtub it is obvious we are in for a frivolous romp of monumental proportions from this master storyteller.
The evocative illustrations draw on items immediately recognizable by small babies from the crustacean at the beach to the soft-toy numbat.
Dingo won't say, so the others follow along in hot Pursuit--two nosy numbats, three flying frogs, four burrowing bilbies .