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Synonyms for nullity



Synonyms for nullity

the state of nonexistence

something that is null (especially an enactment that has no legal validity)

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HB 6779 provides that whenever a marriage, duly and legally solemnized by a priest, minister, rabbi or presiding elder of any church or religious sect in the Philippines is subsequently annulled, dissolved or declared a nullity in a final judgment or decree in accordance with the canons or precepts of the church or religious sect, the annulment, dissolution or declaration of nullity shall have the same effect as a decree of annulment, dissolution or declaration of nullity issued by a competent court.
In annulment of voidable marriage or declaration of nullity of void marriage, the petitioner blames the other spouse or someone else for grounds enumerated in the Family Code of the Philippines.
Compliance with the theory of nullities, the relative nullity cannot be forward but only in a certain time, only certain persons can cover limit and it covered by the confirmation of the act.
Francis' reform of canon law on granting declarations of marital nullity, popularly known as annulments, was announced Sept.
To summarize, therefore, the members of the legal fraternity and, specially, members of the journalist community, must understand the distinction between a declaration of nullity issued by an Ecclesiastical Tribunal of the Catholic Church and a "divorce" granted under the civil law by a Civil Court.
EGPC initiated setting aside proceedings invoking the nullity of the award based on the absence of the Petroleum Minister's approval.
Inertia indices, nullity and signature are studied for different chemical structure and nanostructures by considering their chemical graphs.
In Blenheim, almost 300 years of jail was dished out by way of sentence, all of which now is likely to be ruled a nullity.
belonging to the (k, [mu])'- nullity distribution and k < -1, by Lemma 3.
ISLAMABAD -- PTI central leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said only one statement of Sartaj Aziz has completely white washed peration Zarbe Azb to nullity adding the statement issued by foreign office is not sufficient but they will have to disown the statement.
The BAPT is a paradox in that its substance comes from its being a tax nullity (a disregarded entity for tax purposes).
But no one previously said the number was anything like 90 percent, making the labor laws a virtual nullity.
Evaluating the procedural law of the Church with respect to obtaining a declaration of nullity is certainly a reasonable proposal.
The primary focus of the programme this year is in the professional sphere of arbitration in disputes of capital markets in the GCC on the legal system of arbitration, evidencing, the applicable law, methods of appeal for nullity in capital markets and the integration of the GCC financial markets.