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Synonyms for nullity



Synonyms for nullity

the state of nonexistence

something that is null (especially an enactment that has no legal validity)

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Pastore, Almost Kenmotsu manifolds and nullity distributions, J.
Although it is not perfect protection (certain federal and domestic law claims can attach in Ohio), there should be no tax risk because the trust is a grantor trust that is a nullity. Further, there is specific statutory protection given under Ohio law, so piercing the entity and reaching the assets is less likely.
Cardinal Kasper recognises that changes to the procedure of obtaining a declaration of nullity could be interpreted as simply ecclesiastical divorces.
About the nullity of simple graphs and its applications, there are many known results (see [1-8] for details).
On May 15 1885, The Star reported: "It seldom happens that middle-class English folk - by which I mean our dear friends 'Arry and 'Arriet - get such a truly edifying glimpse of life in the 'hupper suckles' as has for the last three weeks been afforded by reports of a most extraordinary cause celebre - the Durham nullity suit." There were farreaching consequences for the earl, who was never able to remarry and therefore couldn't produce an heir.
Hetal has been contending that the judgment by the US court was a nullity because it did not recognise the law of India relating to the grounds of divorce applicable to parties under the Hindu Marriage Act.
The nullity cases on the remaining two Aerocrine patents remain pending before the Munich Court, Aerocrine said.
Is that judgment void and therefore a nullity, allowing the defendant to have it vacated at any time simply on request?
At the ontological level this lack is magnified to mean that when Dasein addresses its primal guilt it does so because the source of its Being, the root of its thrownness is, paradoxically, deracinated in Being-the-ground of a nullity. Heidegger insists that as we can achieve no mastery over the ground of our Being, and as we usually conform to the standards and precepts of the 'they', we fail to authentically deal with the issue of our thrownness (Geworfenheit).
A judge issued a decree of absolute nullity, but it later became clear that Nelson had filed for annulment without his wife's knowledge.
A chemical nullity which acts with monstrous energy." This energy brings religious fervor out of everyone exposed to it.
We introduce a new preconditioning technique for the iterative solution of saddle point linear systems with (1,1) blocks that have a high nullity. The preconditioners are block diagonal and are based on augmentation, using symmetric positive definite weight matrices.
The documents read: "The judgment of nullity is entered.
"It follows therefore that the convicion is a nullity and the warrant holding the Applicant in custody is per se defective."
Thomas; ethics, law, and assisted suicide; legal debates taken hostage by Straw Dogs; Hardy's eternal message for attitudes to marriage and cohabitation; and medico-legal stories of female insanity in three nullity suits.