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The nullification of the Homa Bay governor's election should not be used as an excuse by criminal elements to deny the residents their basic services," said Mr Tum.
PCC ordered Trans-Asia to inform the antitrust commission within 30 days from execution of merger or acquisition agreements involving any of its shares after the nullification order.
Bias against "the law applicable to the case" is grounds for a challenge for cause, and while you and I know that jury nullification falls within the bounds of the law, the system in practice does not recognize that principle.
The ruling was challenged in the apex court as the petitioners stated they feared nullification of nomination forms would delay elections that are scheduled for July 25.
This Article explores the possibility of community nullification beyond the jury by analyzing the growing and unstudied phenomenon of community bail funds, which post bail for strangers based on broader beliefs regarding the overuse of pretrial detention.
A Syrian opposition official said a fragile cessation of hostilities that took force early on Saturday faced "complete nullification" because of government attacks he said violated the agreement drawn up by the United States and Russia.
The attitude might be considered a continuation of the "Spirit of '98," when Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, anonymous authors respectively of the 1798 Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions, urged nullification and interposition by the states as the proper response to the Alien and Sedition Laws passed by the Federalist Congress during the John Adams administration.
But Breyer doesn't want to order a new trial, one in which the chances of a jury aware of the background of the case and also of the possibility of nullification would be far higher.
Both scenarios lead to the nullification of the rightful and prophetic voice of religious community in today's political environment.
Sir John Vaughan's opinion in Bushell's Case (1) constitutes an important milestone in the history of jury nullification in Anglo-American law.
Jury Nullification and the Post-Reconstruction South D.
But there is a growing movement here for new legislation following the nullification earlier this year of an anti-gay law.
The secret of jury nullification is that if only one juror out of 12 votes to acquit, the jury is hung and the prosecution is stymied.