null space

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a space that contains no points

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Decompose the eigenspace into subspaces, that are mainly determined by the facial variation, unstable subspace due to noise and finite number of training samples and a null spaces.
In order to define some requirements for the CS matrix A, which are important for successful signal reconstruction, let us introduce the null space of matrix.
0)] is an orthogonal basis for the null space of [[bar.
We will denote by N (A) the null space of A and by R(A) its range.
R,p] should be designed to lie in the null space of [H.
that it is in the null spaces of the projections, we arrive at the following system describing the dynamics of the locations of the pulses:
It is completely characterized by the basis vectors that are the columns of the matrix's null space.
The class subspace is defined as the intersection of the null space of that class scatter matrix and the range space of the total scatter matrix that is N([S.
It is useful to notice that for every bounded linear projection Q [member of] L(H) its range and null space induce a direct sum decomposition of H and, conversely, every direct sum decomposition H = W + [M.
b) The unit vector X belongs to the relative null space [N.
The algorithm underlying the subroutine has been developed in several stages: the part of the algorithm in which a minimal basis of the right null space of a polynomial matrix is calculated is an adaptation of the algorithm described in Beelen [1987].
An esteemed panel of judges representing academia and industry awarded the first prize to Team Ultrasonic Wireless Sensors from Columbia University, second prize to Team Airshark from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and third prize to Team Null Space Learning Algorithms from Stanford University.
In order to check if the system has a solution, it is sufficient to calculate the null space [V] of [[B].
Secondly, with the assumption that the eavesdropper's Channel State Information (CSI) is known at the transmitters, the authors in [7] designed the relay beamforming vector in the null space of the eavesdropper's channel to eliminate the information leakage to the eavesdropper.