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a tax based on the cost of the item purchased and collected directly from the buyer


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These methods range from tapping general tax revenues to providing favorable tax treatment to businesses and from extracting various sorts of nuisance taxes earmarked for development purposes to issuing a variety of debt instruments.
For some projects, local governments simply impose a variety of sin or nuisance taxes. These sort of custom-designed levies are used most often to finance public and quasi-public works such as convention centers, sports stadiums, and arts complexes.
In other cases, import duties, VAT taxes and nuisance taxes have been added to the bill and presented to the customer for payment on delivery; with all these surprise charges the shipment is refused.
"This is a major step by the administration acknowledging that nuisance taxes should not grow but be eliminated and restricted and phased out," said Spinola.
(16) The legislature then reconvened and on December 18 enacted a package of nuisance taxes on telephone bills, liquor, cigarettes, and beer.
Indeed, the nuisance taxes were intended only as a stopgap.
The Revenue Act, which abolished many nuisance taxes and reduced income taxes, surtaxes, and taxes on passenger cars, was signed by Pres.
Today in 18 months we can talk of Free SHS, restoration of teachers and nursing trainee allowances, NABCO, abolishment of 15 nuisance taxes, reduction of electricity tariffs, Digital property addresses, mobile money interoperability systems, fight against galamsey, office of special prosecutor, issuance of national I.D, $100 million dollar fund for NEIP, implementation of planting for food and jobs, paperless port systems, one village one dam, one district one factory, implementation of processes leading to creation of new districts, zongo development fund, establishment of three development authorities, etc.
3) to relieve the over-reliance on the property tax and selected nuisance taxes;
According to AtoForson, 'instead of a clear programme to address the concerns of Ghanaians about the economy, the government has rather chosen to compound the suffering of Ghanaians by introducing more taxes, after makinga song and dance out of the removal of supposed nuisance taxes.'