nuisance abatement

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(law) the removal or termination or destruction of something that has been found to be a nuisance

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(16) This ambiguity is particularly evident when evaluating nuisance abatement costs to determine whether they can be collected as special assessments or whether they must be treated as service fees.
Industry-dominated cities will typically make symbolic gestures to nuisance abatement even if they concurrently sideline dissent.
Since 2006 Los Angeles County Supervisor Mike Antonovich has been dispatching "nuisance abatement teams," consisting of officers from various city and county agencies along with sheriff's deputies, to conduct armed raids against property owners whose residences fail to meet paperwork requirements.
The owners of the bar, at 489 Amsterdam Avenue near 84th Street, claim New York University professor Tim Tomlinson issued repeated noise complaints about the bar to the local police precint, the 311 hotline and local City Council member Gale Brewer to the point that the city slapped them with a nuisance abatement suit.
(6) it is within the context of that struggle that I look to the law of public nuisance as a tool to remedy the physical condition of real property standing in violation of local and state laws and, in addition, as a tool to stop the business practices of commercial property owners that perpetuate the harmful conditions prohibited by state and local nuisance abatement laws.
Examples of such documents include notices, orders and court petitions for nuisance abatement, isolation, quarantine, medical examination or treatment, and building closures.
Robin Goundry, team leader for pollution, added: "Burning is not an acceptable or safe way of getting rid of waste material and we will investigate complaints of smoke nuisance which can result in a nuisance abatement notice being served.
His recent accomplishments include the county's balanced budget and good credit rating; saving millions of dollars for Downriver communities through the county operation of the waste water treatment plant; the fix-up of hundreds of homes through the Nuisance Abatement Program, and launch of a community-wide alert program for emergencies.
For example, the city has transferred its nuisance abatement officer from city hall to the patrol bureau of the police department.
Some of the solutions discussed were: increased police patrol after 2 a.m.; councilmember ride-alongs with police officers to get a firsthand look at enforcement; and nuisance abatement task forces with participation by tire, police and other local elected officials.
For instance, in recognizing the importance of attacking specific community problems in a multiprong approach, the city transferred its nuisance abatement officer from a position in city hall to one within the patrol bureau of the police department.
Last October, local residents complained to city hall about the drug dealing, and city officials issued a nuisance abatement order for School Market.
Laws in the Clean Neighbourhoods Bill - now going through Parliament - will allow local councils to issue "nuisance abatement orders" against people who have bright lights outside their homes.
* In 1997 Kinghorn was forced to give up 38 cats from two houses, after she failed to comply with a nuisance abatement order while living in Bedlington.
"Grime-fighting" and "nuisance abatement" campaigns that work to remove the "environmental cues" believed to attract crime, such as unkempt lots or abandoned cars, are popular problem-solving strategies (Taylor, 2001: 5; Sampson and Raudenbush, 1999: 605).