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Synonyms for nugatory

Synonyms for nugatory

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of no real value

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Emissions are rated at 48g/km and overall economy at 155.2mpg on the largely nugatory NEDC cycle measure.
Some (though not Mr Bates) were humiliated, their campaigns ending with a returning officer reading out their nugatory scores to a sports centre full of jeering politicos.
To them the solution lay in delay and nugatory staff work to "play the game" until the media and government lost interest.
Hannaham's frequent references to astronomical phenomena suggest that all human suffering is nugatory in the cosmic scale, allowing for less opportunity to lament or even celebrate his characters.
Indeed, an ontology where existence is left by wayside would perpetuate the myth of a so-called post-racial world in which the meaning accorded to white bodies in the form of white privilege, white power, and complicity in forms of white supremacy, would be deemed nugatory, and the degradation of Black bodies and bodies of color would be conceptualized as pathologically self-generated.
Jayalalith claimed that a memorandum submitted to the PM by her Karnataka counterpart recently ''is replete with prevarications and misleading statements'' aimed at making the final order of the Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal itself ''nugatory." Karnataka's contention is that since civil appeals against the final order of the Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal, filed by riparian Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, are pending in the Supreme Court, no move should be made to form such a Board.
On the contrary, the tree loses the proper density and mystery as a concrete existent and, as merely another specimen of a species becomes itself nugatory. (471) Rousseau's dream of finding a language of things, of closing the gap between signified and signifies is ultimately an impossibility.
Hence, to engage in black philosophy on conceptual terms set forth here is to affirm one's humanity in the face of those who deem you a sub-person, ersatz, ontologically nugatory.
Sathasivam said leaving blank spaces would render nugatory the right of citizens to " have the necessary information at the time of filing of the nomination paper in order to make a choice of their voting".
In place of reasoned analysis, thus, these authors have opted instead to paint a negative portrait that, as historian Nick Knight asserts, "appears to render nugatory any serious scholarly study of Mao."
And their utility to a policymaker thinking about the economic and social consequences of the breakdown of that factory worker's marriage are pretty much nugatory.
I suggest the Honourable Member reads the Kyoto Agreement, agreed to by yet another class warrior of the old school, Lord John Prescott, who consigned the UK to unachievable target reductions that are responsible for the present nugatory targets.
change.' (4) Retrograde and nugatory, Wollstonecraft's
It also brings to mind the directly contradictory empirical work oi Barro and Boskin showing negative or nugatory stimulus effects from deficit financing of expanded government spending.