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Synonyms for nugatory

Synonyms for nugatory

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of no real value

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This was a "certainty" against which the priest's teachings and hopes were nugatory, as were "the deaths of others, or a mother's love, or his God: or the way a man decides to live.
And their utility to a policymaker thinking about the economic and social consequences of the breakdown of that factory worker's marriage are pretty much nugatory.
If his bare use of the phrase requires that it have a real referent, then his carefully crafted argument is nugatory.
I suggest the Honourable Member reads the Kyoto Agreement, agreed to by yet another class warrior of the old school, Lord John Prescott, who consigned the UK to unachievable target reductions that are responsible for the present nugatory targets.
It also brings to mind the directly contradictory empirical work oi Barro and Boskin showing negative or nugatory stimulus effects from deficit financing of expanded government spending.
83) If that were permissible, the "right" at stake would seem to be entirely nugatory.
The Court held that the plaintiff must put forward a "strong prima facie case" (51) and that there must be assets of the defendant susceptible to execution, and a "real risk that the remaining significant assets of the defendant are about to be removed or so disposed of by the defendant as to render nugatory any judgment to be obtained after trial".
Thanks to oil (and generous development aid and military support programmes) national incomes of many of the worst of those regimes are well above the global average Yet social services are non-existent, education is lamentable, economic diversification is derisory, employment, in particular employment among the young, nugatory, justice a farce.
Ratushny, professor of law at the University of Ottawa and senior counsel to the Lamer Commission of Inquiry into miscarriages of justice, has provided an excellent new volume that has rendered nugatory all such efforts for the next decade or two.
Once nuclear employment loses credibility, it follows that paying the price to retain nuclear capability is nugatory and that a nation would do better to abandon it, especially when that price is high.
Deployed HQs contained too many people, busied themselves with too much nugatory planning and did not run well internally.
But if you are one of these peopleAuthese nugatory finger-waggers, these buzz-killing harpies of righteous socialismAuplease, sit next to someone else at dinner.
The phenomenological fact of the matter is that our lived experience as agents is a self-evident truth that renders nugatory any form of metaphysical determinism.
To hold otherwise would render the constitutional provision nugatory.
The most successful of the entrants can be described in general terms as macro journals, and their effects on the positions of incumbent journals in the field do not seem to have been nugatory.