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Synonyms for nugatory

Synonyms for nugatory

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of no real value

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If each time an authority were to put it aside at his will and do whatever he liked to do with it that too by the use or show of force or by other unconstitutional means the provisions of Article 6 would be rendered redundant and nugatory rather meaningless which was not the intent nor was the same permissible.
Sathasivam said leaving blank spaces would render nugatory the right of citizens to " have the necessary information at the time of filing of the nomination paper in order to make a choice of their voting".
In place of reasoned analysis, thus, these authors have opted instead to paint a negative portrait that, as historian Nick Knight asserts, "appears to render nugatory any serious scholarly study of Mao.
Though it only took two years for the British government to withdraw all plans to seek recourse via the courts, it took them nearly three decades to realize that formal diplomatic efforts had produced the same nugatory results.
This was a "certainty" against which the priest's teachings and hopes were nugatory, as were "the deaths of others, or a mother's love, or his God: or the way a man decides to live.
And their utility to a policymaker thinking about the economic and social consequences of the breakdown of that factory worker's marriage are pretty much nugatory.
I suggest the Honourable Member reads the Kyoto Agreement, agreed to by yet another class warrior of the old school, Lord John Prescott, who consigned the UK to unachievable target reductions that are responsible for the present nugatory targets.
A person doesn't deem himself / herself worthy of others love and support; regards others as nugatory and insecure.
It also brings to mind the directly contradictory empirical work oi Barro and Boskin showing negative or nugatory stimulus effects from deficit financing of expanded government spending.
The ultimate source of organized labor's strength has been rendered nugatory, for which unions in the private sector can reasonably blame PATCO and President Reagan.
They often occur within a single frame-rendering the sense of "installation" in the work nugatory.
You make me feel absolutely useless if I contrast my own nugatory work with your spicy and learned columns.
The weakest, but not nugatory, argument is that it secures justice for parliamentary candidates from underrepresented groups.
Unless effective mechanisms are developed to facilitate technology transfer, the developing economies could render nugatory all efforts to address the threat of climate change.
Ratushny, professor of law at the University of Ottawa and senior counsel to the Lamer Commission of Inquiry into miscarriages of justice, has provided an excellent new volume that has rendered nugatory all such efforts for the next decade or two.