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(Yiddish) someone who is a boring pest

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Nudniks, the Yiddish word for aggressive pests, is only one of the vituperations Helprin casts upon people possessed by minds organized in the movement against copyright.
Besser, "NPR Radio Wars Putting Jewish Groups in a Bind," Jewish Week, May 20, 2005; Samuel Freedman, "From 'Balance' to Censorship: Bush's Cynical Plan for NPR," Forward May 27, 2005; Nathan Guttman, "Enough Already from Those Pro-Israel Nudniks," Ha'aretz, February l, 2005; E.J.
Coached by Antisa (Tarik Filipovic), a major player in suit and dark glasses accompanied by hulking thugs, the two nudniks are forced to memorize a convincing, if flaky story about kidnapping Skoko for money he owed, supposedly seizing him at precisely the same time as the occurrence of the atrocity for which Skoko is being tried.
Years ago, Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart was razzed for what came to be known as his "nudnik definition" of obscenity: "I can't define it, but I know it when I see it." At the risk of being nudniks, but in the good company of Justice Stewart, university presidents probably have to do something similar if they want to preserve civility and tolerance on their campuses.