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Synonyms for nudnik

(Yiddish) someone who is a boring pest

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The fourth cohort of innovators showcases not only tech innovation with Authentic or Not's hardware plus Software as a Service business model, but also the product and social innovations of both Nudnik and Omi Woods," said Robert Ott, Co-chair of the Joe Fresh Centre for Fashion Innovation.
Unlike the troublesome and annoying classical nudniks of the past," he writes,
Though oysgegrinte did not survive, such is not the case for shlemiel, shlemazl, yente, klutz, shmendrik, krechtser, kibitzer, kvetsh, noodge, nudnik, shleper, nokhshleper, khokhm, knaker, and gantser knaker, just to name a few human types whose Yiddish name tags are not unfamiliar to us.
The word "nu" has the additional benefit of echoing words that share many relevant connotations as well as the same initial phoneme, though not the same linguistic root, such as gnu, new, news, nude, novel, noodle, nuisance, nugatory, and nudnik (another Yiddish word).
A Jew could be a shlemiel, a shlemazl, a shmo, a shmegegge, a shlepper, a shnorrer, a shtarker, a zhlub, a nudnik, a gonef, or a shmuck.
Ultimately, Madonna may have leaned too heavily on her primary collaborator, the single-named French nudnik Mirwais, who essentially paints with one sonic color: drab.
Bullshit," he bellowed when a persistent nudnik insisted on proffering a supposed photograph of Jerry allegedly taken at a kid's birthday party somewhere on Long Island during the run of Damn Yankees.
Art Bell, the overnight nudnik who resigned from his syndicated ``Coast to Coast'' program Oct.
Yes, neurotic nudnik George Costanza (Jason Alexander) has those wedding bell heebie-jeebies.
She's active in ACT, a monthly book club and a weekly improv group called the Nudniks, but it's "at my own pace".