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any of various marine gastropods of the suborder Nudibranchia having a shell-less and often beautifully colored body

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We include species rarely observed or mainly subtidal in distribution, two undescribed species, and document a new example of rare direct development in a nudibranch from the northeast Pacific Ocean.
We're taken to a fascinating world and shown things I've never seen on any other wildlife documentary, like a snail attacking a starfish and a sea slug called a nudibranch eating an anemone.
While the message is important, it's the visual thrills that will most captivate audiences; the remarkable Frog Fish looking just like a sponge, an orange rag-like Nudibranch sucking down on a forest of tube anemone tentacles, the permanently enraged Humboldt squids and the elegantly feisty Mantis shrimp, the world's most powerful creature for its size, battling a marauding octopus.
nudibranch, pom-pom anemone, and predatory tunicate;
Knowledgeably co-authored by Nudibranch enthusiasts David W.
The British Nudibranch Exhibition is open at the Hancock Museum between 10am and 5pm, Monday to Saturday and between 2pm and 5pm on Sundays until April 23.
Gallery tour and British Nudibranch Exhibition, venue as above
Among the pickings: acorn barnacle, ribbed limpet, purple shore crab, black turban snail, leather chiton, green anemone, red sea cucumber, feather boa, even the nudibranch.
1 -- color --ran in AV edition only) A nudibranch, looking fringed like the Spanish shawl that gave it its common name, moves gracefully near Santa Cruz Island.
A frosted nudibranch has been sighted, along with several types of small crabs.
The creature, a nudibranch, is the first ever found that uses its penis just once, sheds it, then re-grows another.
ABSTRACT Jorunna funebris is one of the nudibranch species with the largest distribution worldwide, but there is lack of information about its life history.
Popular recent posts on the site range from the Blue Dragon Nudibranch, a marine snail that lost its shell back in its early evolutionary history, to Japanese Macaques languishing in hot tubs.
Turn a biscuit into a nudibranch using all sorts of colourful icing and make a designer outfit for a Nudibranch.