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any of various marine gastropods of the suborder Nudibranchia having a shell-less and often beautifully colored body

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That a third of the more commonly seen species in Victoria are undescribed demonstrates how much remains to be discovered about nudibranchs and related species.
The exceptions were (1) large Aplysia vaccaria observed subtidally on the Monterey Peninsula in mid-September 2015 (see Results), and (2) a large specimen of the nudibranch Janolus barbarensis found on 12 September 2015 (see Results).
The British Nudibranch Exhibition is open at the Hancock Museum between 10am and 5pm, Monday to Saturday and between 2pm and 5pm on Sundays until April 23.
Gallery tour and British Nudibranch Exhibition, venue as above
Among the pickings: acorn barnacle, ribbed limpet, purple shore crab, black turban snail, leather chiton, green anemone, red sea cucumber, feather boa, even the nudibranch.
The name nudibranch, which means "naked gill," implies that they have no shells.
In the lower photograph a juvenile form of the nudibranch Hexabranchus sanguineus, known in Australia as the Spanish Dancer, is feeding on coral (see also figure 113).
Feeding biology and ecological impact of an introduced nudibranch, Tritonia plebeia, New England, USA.
On 15 and 16 June, colonies were exposed to nudibranch water (from Doridella steinbergae) and spine lengths were censused on 20 June.
1992), and the egg masses of a nudibranch (Pawlik et al.
A frosted nudibranch has been sighted, along with several types of small crabs.