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For instance, the most popular nudge involves setting a default option in a contract or on a government form (such as the organ donation question on a driver's license application (30)) to the choice the nudger prefers, with the hope that many people will stick with the default either because the default contains normative information or because of cognitive or motivational inertia.
Nor did I need a motor drive or computer control, as I am a star-hopper and telescope nudger by nature.
A shyster lawyer named Fleck hires Nudger to find out why his client, a wealthy banker, is so unconcerned about his upcoming trial for the murder of his heavily insured wife.
However, it has again been left primarily to women's collectives to show that group-developed work does not have to fluctuate wildly from night to night: Babes in the Mood, which grew out of When the Cat's Been Spayed (augmented by Fiona Samuel and Janet Roddick), was a highlight of the 1991 Bats Fringe Fest, and Hens" Teeth (38) toured successfully to Auckland, still featuring Digger and Nudger, enhanced by the experience of a men's group.
The well-meaning Wayne constructs a variety of inventions, including the Shrink-Ray, Neuron Nudger and Brainiactivator among others, that create hair-raising and hilarious predicaments for his wife Dianne (Barbara Alyn Woods), their kids Amy (Hillary Tuck) and Nick (Thomas Dekker), and their friends.
On behalf of "liberals and democrats," the author asks, "Why should we trust the nudger to know better?
Normally a nudger and accumulator of runs, the 35-year-old smashed three sixes and five fours in an unbeaten 58 as Durham ended the penultimate day on 130-2 in their second innings at the Racecourse.
There is a role for a nudger around, it is not a glamorous one, unfortunately, but it is definitely there.
Lorae Parry and Carmel McGlone in their 'Digger and Nudger' performances, first as part of the line-up in the fantastically successful 'Hen's Teeth' comedy team, (60) and then in their own show Digger and Nudger Try Harder (Bats, 1989) have taken to the comic limit this investigation of the modern male's perplexity in the face of social and sexual change.
But if the nudger does a good job of making choices that keep the irrational satisfied and complacent, then he will also create an electorate that is deprived of opportunities to learn their true preferences through trial and error and, most importantly, to develop the skills needed to navigate their lives and handle tough choices on their own.
You're good at this Taurus, you can nudge like no other nudger nudges.
But the dogged Colly, second in the VB Series averages to Nick Knight in Australia, proved again that a niggly nudger can be as damaging as a happy hitter - especially when your side is struggling at 118-5.
But if the subject is either indifferent toward the nudger's conception of the subject's good or has a conception that is at odds with that of the nudger, the subject may not welcome the nudge.
Given the bias towards batting first, the left-handed nudger and placer is sure to start as an antidote to the big-hitting exploits of AB deVilliers, Herschelle Gibbs, Justin Kemp and Mark Boucher.