nude painting

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a painting of a naked human figure


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In "Monhegan Light," the vengeful sister of a man's deceased wife sends him a beautiful nude painting of her by the wife's former lover.
If, at the beginning, there was no real English tradition of nude painting beyond the mostly marginalised, old Masterish work of William Etty (whose home was Victorian York, rather than Aesthetic Chelsea or South Kensington), by the end of the period nude figures were appearing in all genres and styles of art, from Pre-Raphaelitism and Aestheticism through High Classicism to the more avant-garde French influences of the New English Art Club, founded in 1886.
If we pair Crucifix in the Snow, 1996, an ink drawing of a snow-covered landscape and dark wooden shrine put up to protect the crucifix, with Nude Painting, 1997, the ruddy photo-painting of a heavyish, big-breasted young woman caught in a moment of ecstasy, we see the horns of Levenstein's dilemma.
It is impossible to avoid seeing the vast, truly awful nude painting 'The Birth of Venus' by Eugene Amaury Duval.
Maule's nude painting in the consultation room sets the atmosphere for talks on liposuction and breast augmentation.
A Modigliani nude painting was sold to an unnamed Chinese buyer at Christie's on Monday for $170.
The duo linked up after Moss agreed to pose for a nude painting while pregnant with Lila Grace.
Washington, Sept 30 (ANI): Legendary Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe's wedding ring and a nude painting are being put up for auction in December.
A NEARLY nude painting of the young Sir Sean Connery is set to go on display for the first time.
Husain lived in a self-imposed exile in Dubai, London and Doha since 2005 (See box) after coming under attack from hardliners in India for a nude painting of a woman imposed on India's map.
One startling canvas is Al-Khadem's nude painting of his wife.
Rolf, who turned 80 in March, is also in negotiations to make a TV programme about nude painting.
The nude painting has many aspects of Darren's still life work about it.