nude dancing

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erotic dancing with little or no clothing

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Parliament has undoubted subject matter jurisdiction under its criminal law power to restrict nude dancing.13 The Criminal Code regulates striptease entertainment through two provisions.
In finding the nude-dancing ban content-based, Rehnquist's draft made the sensible point that the city's reason for banning nude dancing was that its content was erotic, which meant precisely that it led viewers to think bad thoughts.
Stringfellow urged the council to copy rules laid down in Westminster, who allow nude dancing but no contact between dancers and patrons.
One leading proponent of nude dancing is the French dancer and choreographer Boris Charmatz.
Posner speaks out on the Clinton impeachment, the Microsoft case, and nude dancing.
One might well wonder what it is that police lists of arrested suspects, campaign contribution limits, nude dancing, "adult" television broadcasting, and student fees have in common.
Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit decided 7 to 4 in favor of the dancers, ruling that non-obscene nude dancing is entitled to limited protection under the First Amendment and that Indiana's public indecency statute was accordingly unconstitutional.
Lawyers representing the strip club owners declined to comment on the case, though they have argued in court that nude dancing is a form of expression and that the so-called "pole tax" violates free speech protections.
Called Baby Platinum, the club will offer nude dancing and alcohol from 11am until 3.30am on Monday to Saturday and from noon until 3.30am on Sundays.
The Oregon Legislature once again is preparing to consider an amendment to the Oregon Constitution's free speech provision that would make it easier to regulate nude dancing establishments.
Courts in Massachusetts have ruled that nude dancing is a protected form of expression and cities and towns can't adopt outright bans.
But despite the impression given by at least one publicity image, it's not quite full-on nude dancing.
Stringfellow, who runs one of the UK's most famous strip bars, urged the council to copy rules in Westminster, which allow nude dancing but no contact between dancers and patrons.
She said she hopes to see downtown morph into a center for arts, antiques and dining, rather than for nude dancing.
According to the End Zone application, the owners had plans to offer nude dancing. Mr.