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the protoplasm that constitutes the nucleus of a cell

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All these together form a tripartite network in the nucleoplasm and provide topological surfaces for complex processes of DNA replication and RNA transcription and processing of RNA [19].
10) Also proteomic analyses of the proteins in the nucleolus, that dense portion of the nucleoplasm where ribosomal RNAs are transcribed and ribosome biogenesis occurs, have also demonstrated that these proteins are derived from eubacterial and archaeal ancestors.
Previous studies have shown that many nucleolar components involved in ribosome biogenesis exchange rapidly between nucleolus and nucleoplasm.
NC are defined as invaginations of the nuclear envelope (NE) that traverse the nucleoplasm, thus forming a ring-like nucleus.
Demonstration of mechanical connections between integrins, cytoskeletal filaments, and nucleoplasm that stabilize nuclear structure.