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the branch of physics that studies the internal structure of atomic nuclei

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Since you're probably not a regular reader of the trade publication Nucleonics Week, let me summarize an article that appeared in its October 8 issue: It reported that Iran's supply of low-enriched uranium -- the potential feedstock for nuclear bombs -- appears to have certain "impurities" that "could cause centrifuges to fail" if the Iranians try to boost it to weapons grade.
Makers of RIIDs include Ortec, Berkeley Nucleonics, Thermo Electron and Canberra Industries.
13) Ann MacLachlan, "China Makes Strong Nonproliferation Pledge in IAEA Conference Address," Nucleonics Week, September 27, 1984.
Berkeley Nucleonics, Test & Measurement, San Rafael, CA
Kenji Sumita, professor emeritus of nucleonics at Osaka University, opened the 7th International Conference on Nuclear Criticality Safety with a special speech on how Japan has reviewed its nuclear criticality safety regulations since the Sept.
EW ANTENNAS Series, AN, or Model Platform American Nucleonics Corporation, 696 Hampshire Road, Westlake Village CA 91359; 805.
Based on Nucleonics Week(2) information for December 2000, all reporting countries with nuclear capacity generated 234.
Jim Wildman, director of programs for American Nucleonics Corp in Westlake Village, said that his wife hit the jackpot by following one of his rules for gambling: When losing at slots, stop playing and get a drink or relax by the pool, then maybe hit another kind of slot machine later.
Currently, he is with American Nucleonics Corporation, where he is involved in the development of interference cancellation systems intended for high power applications in the HF through microwave bands.
Recommendation: Order NSN 9905-01-345-4521, install at the eye wash station and eye wash bottles at the secondary sample sink and nucleonics.
2) See "Iran Samples Show Enriched Uranium--Diplomats," Reuters, July 18, 2003, and "Iran probe time line lengthens as IAEA mulls Natanz sample data," Nucleonics Week, July 31, 2003.
Based on Nucleonics Week(2) information for November 2000, all reporting countries with nuclear capacity generated 215.
Yorba Linda, CA ViroMed Laboratories, Minneapolis, MN Equipment Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation, San Refuel, CA Etigam bv/SteriMark (U.
Based on Nucleonics Week(2) information for October 2000, all reporting countries with nuclear capacity generated 206.
6% were missing eyewash bottles in nucleonics and near the secondary sample sink.