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a small round body of protein in a cell nucleus

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The diagnostic feature is the presence of variable numbers of larger nucleolated cells with basophilic cytoplasm in the mantle zones (so-called plasmablasts), which infiltrate the follicles in some cases.
Up to 10% of the cells may be larger and nucleolated, and if less than 55% of such cells are observed in a peripheral smear, a diagnosis of prolymphocytic transformation of CLL - a combination of CLL and prolymphocytic leukemia (PLL) - should be considered.
ARL that take on a plasmacytoid appearance contain lymphoma cells with moderate amounts of basophilic cytoplasm, have eccentric nucleolated nuclei, and occasionally an identifiable perinuclear hof.
Rarely, pseudorosette-like formations, nucleolated cells, and microcystic degeneration have also been reported5 Maturation toward mature ganglion cells is an uncommon feature (ganglioneurocytoma).
We often found nucleolated flagellated cells, but the ratio of anucleolated to nucleolated is unknown.