nucleic acid

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(biochemistry) any of various macromolecules composed of nucleotide chains that are vital constituents of all living cells

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Under the terms of the agreement, Teleflex will harness Arcis' advanced nucleic acid sample preparation chemistry in the development of a novel technology, which is expected to be disruptive and is intended to empower clinicians and drive better patient outcomes.
Nucleic acid drugs are medicines with a basic structure consisting of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), ribonucleic acid (RNA) or chemical modified nucleic acids, and are manufactured via chemical synthesis similar to small molecule drugs.
The rumen nucleic acid bases were extracted from freeze-dried samples using perchloric acid, as described by Zinn and Owens [17].
Nanoparticles are used as carriers for nucleic acids and other novel cancer therapeutic molecules.
This approach is essentially universal, and just as common is the anecdotal knowledge passed on to each new member of the laboratory staff that repeated cycles of thawing and re-freezing nucleic acid samples leads to sample degradation.
Traditionally, nucleic acid extraction has relied on manual approaches, but these are extremely time-and labor-intensive.
The system also includes nucleic acid 3 as a reporter unit that is a single-strand DNA molecular beacon (DNAMB).
According to Medigen, China has been trying vigorously to upgrade the blood-usage safety in recent years, creating a strong demand for nucleic acid test agents.
But the procedures used for identification of nucleic acids are laborious and time consuming.
Santa Clara, CA 5/7/08 -- Agilent Technologies has acquired the assets of Dowpharma's Nucleic Acid Medicine business.
Thus, a standardized and qualified system is required for rapid nucleic acid sequence determination for newly emerging viruses.
PCR is a method for amplification of specific nucleic acid sequences from a complex mixture of nucleic acids.
Adding nucleic acid amplification testing to standard HIV antibody testing improves detection of acute HIV infection, according to Christopher D.
Capsid: the protein coating or shell of a virus, which surrounds its nucleic acid (see below).