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Synonyms for nucleate

form into a nucleus

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having a nucleus or occurring in the nucleus

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Because austenitic transformation can be assigned to the site saturation model [13], the number of the nucleation sites is maintained constant in the transformation process.
Discriminating, for example, the role of bonding from crystallographic match and determining the structure of active nucleation sites and then assessing their importance in different atmospheric conditions requires a systematic, multipronged, and concerted approach.
Since PP-B is a kind of block copolymer, the inter-phase of PP and PE is the low potential interface, which induces the heterogeneous nucleation [31] during the foaming process.
Keywords Coating, Solidification, Nucleation, Wetting, Freezing, Supercooling, Recalescence, Hydrophobic surface, Condensation, Thermal Imaging Camera
Raman study was done on the nucleation surface of the D1 and D2 samples (STR500 Raman Spectrometer, Cornes Technologies).
The purpose of crystallization design is production of desired forms, Purity, size distribution and desired product, which is obtained by the creation of the desired supersaturation in which crystal growth and nucleation is suitable (Cohen, S.
New technologies will enable complete control of the freeze drying process including controlled nucleation, controlled crystal growth during freezing, product temperature control instead of shelf temperature control, the ability to determine the end of freezing, the end of primary drying, the end of secondary drying, and the ability to verify that the process has executed properly.
In the first stage, the nucleation or birth stage, new transformed regions originate at certain "nucleation sites".
Ice-nucleating bacteria (INBs) are defined as phillosophier bacteria that can imitate ice nucleation in water at temperatures above -10[degrees]C[23].
Milliken, a division of Milliken & Company, reports that it has "overcome one of the toughest challenges in the plastics industry--successful nucleation of polyethylene (PE).
A new additive from Milliken, Hyperform HPN-20E, is claimed to enable manufacturers of polyethylene (PE)-based packaging to overcome one of the toughest challenges in the plastics industry--the successful nucleation of PE.
These nucleators have successfully initiated ice nucleation at higher sub-zero temperatures and in shorter supercooling times when mixed into liquid and semi-solid foods.
The interaction between organic acids and sulphuric acid can facilitate the crossing of an energy barrier called nucleation barrier, by forming a nucleus.