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Synonyms for nucleate

form into a nucleus

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having a nucleus or occurring in the nucleus

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The results indicated that there is a greater amount of porosity in modified alloys, and that modified alloys need less H than unmodified alloys to nucleate pores.
The experiments determined two basic nucleation mechanisms of the eutectic phase - the eutectic nucleates directly on the primary aluminum dendrites and the eutectic nucleates on the existing substrate particles in the melt.
In general, microcellular processing consists of first forming a polymer/gas solution followed by the inducement of a rapid thermodynamic instability, which simultaneously nucleates a very large number of microvoids (2, 4-9).
This follows since cells will preferentially nucleate at the limited number of high energy interfaces such as additive particles, crystalline phases, contaminants, and pigments.
The most powerful nucleates for hydrogen precipitation are oxides--especially those that trap gaseous phases through turbulence in gating, pouring, melt handling and treatment.