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Nucleated red blood cell counts in growth-restricted neonates with absent or reversed-end-diastolic umbilical artery velocity.
Do placental sections accurately reflect umbilical cord nucleated red blood cell and white blood cell differential counts?
Nucleated red blood cells in healthy infants of women with gestational diabetes.
Negative prognostic indicators include semicoma/ coma, seizures, coagulopathy on presentation (PT>18s, PTT>30s), hypoglycemia unresponsive to treatment, elevated creatinine after 24 hours of therapy, hypothermia, and greater than 18 nucleated red blood cells per 100 white blood cells.
Fetal nucleated red blood cells in peripheral blood of pregnant women: detection and determination of location on a slide using laser-scanning cytometry.
The conclusion is based on evidence of elevated levels of nucleated red blood cells in the umbilical cord reported in the International Journal of Food Safety, Nutrition and Public Health.
The most common features in blood smears were: polychromatophils, macrocytes, nucleated red blood cells, teardrop cells, hypogranulation and hypo/hypersegmentation in leukocytes and giant platelets.
The exact mechanism for isoniazid-induced PRCA remains unclear, but the demonstration of antibodies reacting with nucleated red blood cells in [approximately equal to] 50% of cases suggests an induction of autoimmunity (4,5).
MAUI, HAWAII -- Infants with early-onset neonatal seizures often have elevated levels of nucleated red blood cells, according to a retrospective study of births at Hutzel Hospital, Detroit.
Fetal Nucleated Red Blood Cells ("FNRBC's"), which have been identified in maternal blood, can be a source for monitoring and diagnosis of maternal, fetal, and neonatal health and disease.
Attempts to recover fetal cells focused for a time on fetal nucleated red blood cells via analysis with fluorescence in situ hybridization and the PCR, but the disappointing results led to skepticism that NIPD would ever become a reality.
The presence of nucleated red blood cells on the slide preparation
Basophilic stippling is often present and nucleated red blood cells are generally seen (2).
These analyzers perform routine and emergency blood cell counts and analyses on platelets, white blood cells and red blood cells, including nucleated red blood cells that can indicate early stages of disease.