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a rocket engine in which a nuclear reactor is used to heat a propellant

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In 2010, Recovery Act workers finished demolishing the Reactor Maintenance, Assembly, and Disassembly Facility (RMAD), which was built by the Atomic Energy Commission to develop nuclear rocket reactors in the space program.
Dewar describes how the US nuclear rocket engine program, Project Rover/NERVA, operated from 1955 to 1973, then was mercilessly stabbed in the back by villainous politicians whose ultimate goal was to destroy the entire US space program.
Included in NASA plans are the nuclear rocket to Mars; a new generation of Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators (RTGs) for interplanetary missions; nuclear-powered robotic Mars rovers to be launched in 2003 and 2009; and the nuclear powered mission called Pluto-Kuiper Belt scheduled for January, 2006.
An advanced nuclear rocket engine could cut the travel time for a manned mission to Mars to 90 days, or about one third the time of previous proposals, according to a Sandia National Laboratories (Albuquerque, N.
Government documents on Timberwind told of a prototype of the nuclear rocket failing on the ground.
The leading current-technology candidate for a new propulsion source is the nuclear rocket engine, which was researched but never flight-tested for the Apollo program.
Also, all F-106A were designed to carry the same MB-1 Genie nuclear rocket as carried the M-61 20mm Vulcan cannon "Six Shooter" on the belly could not.
A satellite reported the launch of a nuclear rocket from the US.
With a wonderfully nutty website, a nuclear rocket truck, and a Routemaster bus, of course.
To the End of the Solar System: The Story of the Nuclear Rocket.
The nuclear rocket plan would be safe, say experts, because the sun is so distant and is already a mass of nuclear activity.
But following the publicity surrounding the security breach, interest around the flick has shot higher than one of the despot's nuclear rockets.
But following the publicity interest has soared higher than one of the despot's nuclear rockets.
Many in the West fear that the liquid fuel rockets that the missions have successfully trialled could be used in nuclear rockets.
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