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the nations possessing nuclear weapons

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Nuclear club members say little but carry a big stick.
The eight include the six in the nuclear club that have yet to ratify the pact - the US, China, India, Pakistan, North Korea and Israel - as well as Iran and Egypt.
And prominent on the agenda was India's bid for entry to the elite nuclear club.
Although the current members of the nuclear club - Britain, China, France, India, Israel, North Korea and Pakistan with tens to hundreds of nuclear weapons - never approached the largesse of Moscow and Washington, detonation of just a fraction of the nuclear arsenals on urban areas could kill hundreds of thousands.
S need to have a criteria-based approach rather than a country-specific approach, Dr Riffat Hussain, a defence analyst said in his comments on the recent support expressed by the United States for India's membership in the elite nuclear club.
Controls here on Tuesday he said Pakistan's reluctant entry into the nuclear club is well documented.
Iran is coming back to the international community in a stronger position both because it has joined the nuclear club and because it demonstrated skillful diplomacy during the negotiations.
India has relentlessly been approaching NSG and nuclear or non nuclear club countries including Canada, Australia, Japan and Israel in addition to its genuine strategic partner America, for not only augmenting countrys nuclear prowess but to pave the way for its inclusion in nuclear mainstream, that is Nuclear Club and Nuclear Supply Group.
If Congress rejects the deal, Iran has little incentive not to join the nuclear club.
Membership of the nuclear club is of absolutely no benefit to 99 per cent of UK citizens.
It said that the visit to China, which starts today is considered as an extension of the Crown Prince's tour of Asian countries recently including Pakistan, India, Japan and the Maldives, pointing to a particular importance of the visit as China forms an economic weight and notable international prestige as one of the permanent members of the UN Security Council and a prominent member of the international nuclear club, as well as the second largest economy in the world after the U.
Iran was accepted as a member of the International Nuclear Club.
While India joined the nuclear club in the 1970s, Pakistan announced its entry into the club with a series of nuclear explosions over a single weekend in 1998.
Disproportionately, small nuclear club countries are not in strong positions to implement self-sufficient national repository programmes for all types of waste arising in their countries, and/or particularly benefit from multinational cooperation for the implementation of a nuclear repository.
He's more interested in lifting crippling economic sanctions than joining Israel, Britain and others in the nuclear club.
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